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11 Black Paint Room Ideas

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Black is a polarizing color. Some people believe it looks serious and drab while others find it to be sophisticated and stylish. It really comes down to how you use it.

That's where this black room paint ideas guide comes in! Use it to find the idea that inspires you.

The most important thing that distinguishes black from other wall paint colors is finish. Without subtle shifts of hue or saturation to consider, the level of shine or the application process of the paint can make a huge impact.


Matte Black Painted Walls

Matte black has a simultaneously subtle and strong appeal, making it the perfect color for pulling together an eclectic design.

Take this bedroom, whose colorful throw pillows and brightly patterned rug may have looked a bit frenzied if they weren’t balanced by the creamy black painted walls.

You can also use this finish as an excellent contrast to metallic touches, like gilded chandeliers or metal framed mirrors. 


Black Graphic Wall Art

If graphic arts suit your style, consider painting a bold stencil pattern on your walls. The design in this bedroom feels influenced by the art of Keith Haring, but you can also draw inspiration from other artists or from artistic movements like Bauhaus.

When you’ve decided on your desired design, you can shop around for the right shapes or even DIY your stencils. 


Chalkboard Painted Black Wall

Despite its reputation as a subdued color, some black paint room ideas like chalkboard painted walls have a lively touch.

The trick to elevating the look and feel of this concept is to limit the colors of chalk you use, as well as hang some wall art or shelves. Between its color palette and mix of patterns, the room in this image blends art deco and bohemian aesthetics, but you can also easily take this look in a farmhouse or eclectic design direction. 


Shadow Box Black Painted Walls

If your room features a nook, large set of windows, bookcase, or other architectural detail worth calling out, consider painting it and the surrounding space in black.

It’s a great way to set your space apart while still keeping your overall design understated. You can opt for a stark, black and white contrast like the room in this image, or paint progressively lighter stripes to create an ombre effect. 


Paint It (All) Black

Black paint room ideas can dip just a toe or go all-in on the concept. This room is painted in black from top to bottom, but its design is still alluring thanks to its varied textures and paint finishes.

Cream-colored touches lighten the look, while an emerald-colored sofa ties the two extremes together. 


Black Paint To Emphasize Texture

If you’re in love with the texture of a material but not so much with its natural color, consider painting it black.

Black is a neutral color that will allow the natural character shine through but also make your design feel unique instead of basic.

The stone fireplace in this living room is lit up with a sultry shade of black, though you can also apply it to wood panels, brick, or stucco. 


Highlight Architecture With Black Paint

Black paint room ideas don’t have to stick to the walls, they can also be applied to the architectural details of your space. Consider drawing attention to ceiling beams, window frames, or columns with a coat of black paint.

This technique fills out a spacious room, enriches minimalist aesthetics, and makes a design pop using little effort. Ensure your space looks cohesive by incorporating both decor and furniture with black accents.


Nearly Black Hues

If you gravitate towards earthy colors like mustard yellow, sienna, or sage, consider using a nearly black color on your walls, instead of a pure black.

Hues that work well include gray-black, green-black, and red-black, which can then be emphasized by using decor in the same color your black paint is mixed with.

For example, the gray-black wall color in this room is carried throughout its design, found in its gray macrame wall hanging, throw pillows, and upholstered bench. 


Something Black And Bohemian

A primarily black and white color palette often brings a minimalist or industrial aesthetic to mind, but it also looks chic in a bohemian design.

Take this room for example, which combines multiple black and white patterns, as well as organic materials like a woven lampshade and potted plants.

Other bohemian inspired black room paint ideas include only painting your furniture or ceiling in black while maintaining a light, neutral color palette in the rest of your space. 


Color-Blocked With Black Paint

Color-blocked walls are a statement on their own but paint your design in black and it will really stand out. If this appeals to you, there are many options of shapes and patterns to choose from.

The wall of the lounge space in this image is diagonally split between black and white, though you can also partially paint your door, create an arch, or even design a series of shapes that are either outlined or filled-in with black paint.


Black Splash

The universal color of tubs is white, right? Wrong. If you have a ceramic, porcelain, or fiberglass bathtub, consider mixing up your aesthetic and give it a coat of black paint.

The bathroom in this image features a black bathtub, as well as black details in the rest of its design to maintain a sense of harmony. That said, this concept is not limited to bathrooms because you can recreate this look by painting any focal piece of decor in black.