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6 Best Wood Burning Stoves

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Aleks Marinkovic

A wood burning stove is a great investment for anyone who lives in a cooler climate. They can provide a lot of heat without increasing electricity costs.

Plus, they can also give you comfort, letting you feel nice and cozy on a cold day or night. The smell of burning wood is something that pretty much all of us enjoy. So they're pretty much perfect.

But if you're going to buy one for yourself, you might be wondering, "which one should I get?" There are so many out there on the market that narrowing it down can be tricky.

You definitely want to go with a make and model that's built to last and provides enough heat for your space. But how can you know which ones those are?

Luckily, we've compiled a list of some of the best wood burning stoves out there. So check out our list and see which ones are the best out there.


Drolet Escape 1800 Wood Stove

This wood burning stove is definitely one of the best out there. It's a decent size, being able to hold logs up to 20 inches in length, and can continuously burn a fire for up to 8 hours.

What's more, it's got enough power to heat a space of up to 2100 square feet, which is a pretty darn large amount of space.

Like most good wood burning stoves, this one is EPA certified, so you know it's going to be an efficient burner. Price-wise, it's inexpensive compared to other options in its category.


These guys are definitely built to last, and they boast a lifetime warranty that will take care of any bumps down the road.

Not only does it work, but it does so fabulously. It has a sleek design that combines classic wood burning stove elements with more modern functionalities. The glass door is nice and clear, and it remains clear awhile in use. If aesthetics matter to you, then you won't be able to deny this stove's contemporary charm.


US Stove 1269E Small EPA Certified Cast Iron Logwood Stove

No other model in this list looks like it belongs in a log cabin as much as this one does. It's just so cute! Made with cast iron, this wood burning stove is the absolute best if you want to stay cozy in a smaller space.

While it certainly isn't as powerful as other options on this list (only being able to heat up to a maximum of 900 square feet), this one still packs quite a punch.

For starters, its longer design isn't just for aesthetic purposes. It takes the "stove" part of the name pretty literally and has a space where you can actually cook things.

It's also inexpensive, averaging under $500 depending on the retailer.


And it really has that rustic, cottage-y feel to it, too. It almost looks like a furnace in an old-timey train or something, and that's just really neat.

It would go wonderfully in a more rustic, farmhouse setting.


Englander 2000 Sq. Ft. EPA Certified Wood-Burning Stove

The Home Depot

This gorgeous option is a pretty decent size, being able to burn logs up to 18 inches in length. And boy, does it pack a punch.

It can heat a space as large as 2000 feet and keep a fire going for up to 10 hours, and all for under $1000. It's definitely a good bang for your buck.

And would you get a load of that view! The glass door on this one is absolutely stunning, especially with the mountain decal along the bottom of the glass. This is the kind of wood burning stove that you get when you want to stare at the fire for hours on end.


Ashley Hearth 2500 Sq. Ft. Wood Burning Stove

This wood burning stove is definitely priced a bit higher than the others, but it also heats up to 2500 square feet! That's a pretty big deal, especially compared to the other models in this list. If you need a wood burning stove that can help heat a larger home, then this is definitely your best bet.

With the capacity to burn logs up to 21 inches in length, this stove is pretty big. Luckily,the sleek, beautiful design keeps it from feeling too cumbersome.

Instead, it looks like it would be the perfect centerpiece for any living room. It's classic, yet also modern enough that it will go with any decor.


Drolet Blackcomb II Medium 2020 EPA Certified Wood Stove

This wood burning stove may be on the smaller side, but it's still a pretty big deal. It can burn for up to 6 hours, has space for logs up to 18 inches in length, and can heat up a space of up to 1800 square feet in size.

It also has that EPA certification that you'll definitely want, plus it's certified for use in mobile homes too.

Really, it's simply adorable. It has that sleek steel look that most contemporary models have these days, pairing it with some more angular edges to give it a very distinctive look. It does come in a little pricy, but you're paying for quality here.


Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre

This wood burning stove is an absolute beast. While it can only hold logs that are up to 18 inches in length, it has the power to heat up to 2000 square feet, all while keeping that fire going for up to 10 hours at a time. And don't worry, it's EPA certified, just like the rest of them.

The look of this wood burning stove is definitely unique. It feels like it leans more toward that rustic, cottage-y aesthetic, all while maintaining a sleek exterior thanks to its steel manufacturing.

It's definitely going to give you that cozy look. We know that aesthetics aren't everything, but if you're going to stare at that hunk of metal for any period of time, you might as well get one that works and looks good.