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10 Best Places To Buy Bedding Online

Originally contributed by • last updated 6/2/2021

Anna Nekrashevich

If you’re planning on shopping online, you may be looking for the best place to buy bedding without having to shop in-store.

Finding bedding is not always an easy feat. There are quite a few factors in finding that perfect bed set: style, comfort, durability, and of course, price. You may have expensive tastes, or prioritize coziness, or simply want something that will get the job done without the frills. You may also be looking for specific fabrics and materials that are not always readily available in stores. 

Here are eight online bedding stores that represent the best places to buy sheets, comforters, and bed accessories.


The Picket Fence

Peacock Alley
The Picket Fence

The Picket Fence is all about the luxury designer experience. They bring brands from around the world (including right here in North America) right to your computer screen.

You’ll find their options for sheets, linens, blankets, and pillowcases incredibly lavish, like the set above from Peacock Alley.

Specializing in luxury design, The Picket Fence provides options for a variety of home décor ideas, moving beyond the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. They even sell jewelry.

They tend to be on the pricier side, which makes sense considering high luxury comes at a price, but they are truly the best place to buy sheets online if budget is no concern.


Diamond Home

Diamond Home is a bit of a bedding expert. Specializing in all things bedding, from quilts to bedspread sets, there are countless trendy options at affordable prices.

Diamond Home has stores on Amazon and eBay in addition to their own website, making them versatile and accessible.

They also offer a variety of kid- and toddler-friendly sheets, making them the best place to buy bedding for the whole family. And for the sports fan in the family, they sell NFL-, NCAA-, and MLB-themed bed sets and bedroom accessories.


SouthShore Fine Linens

SouthShore Fine Linens is proudly American, affordable, and full of style. They specialize in clean and modern bedding, as well as that classic, luxurious look without the price point that usually goes with it.

They stand by their products, offering easy returns and warranties to ensure the ultimate customer experience. And if that’s not enough, when their already very affordable products go on sale, they’re all the more enticing.

All of this makes SouthShore Fine Linens the best place to buy bedding online if you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice style.



With a name like Cuddledown, you may be expecting comfort and coziness. And that’s exactly what you would be getting from Cuddledown’s vast collection of bedding and bed accessories.

While they got their start through their specialty down comforters, they offer a variety of blanket and duvet options in different fabrics and materials, including allergy-friendly down alternative.

They are the best place to buy comforters and bed coverings at affordable prices, providing you with the lived-in feel of their stylish yet cozy products.

They also have a collection of pet beds for all the animal lovers out there. While they are a primarily online presence, they also have an outlet store in Freeport, Maine.


Peacock Alley

Serene Slumber
Peakcock Alley

Made in the U.S. with fabric sourced from around the world, Peacock Alley linens and textiles are a standout in the luxury bedding industry. You can actually buy Peacock Alley products in stores around the U.S., or directly from their website.

Their style is unapologetically luxurious, with a classic look that speaks for itself, and they even offer options for monogrammed sheets, towels, and other bed and bath accessories.

While they are a bit more on the pricey side, they offer free shipping and returns within the U.S., plus you can catch their items on sale, making them much more affordable.


Crane & Canopy

Crane & Canopy prides itself on offering luxury bedding options at much more affordable prices. Their style is clean and modern, with a hint of high-quality brilliance that speaks to the care and thought they take into their craft.

They sell directly through their website rather than through retailers, which is how they keep their prices lower than their competitors.

While their prices are still a bit on the higher side, they’re still less expensive than other high-end bedding companies, making them the best place to buy bedding with superior quality.



Hayneedle is a one-stop shop for home essentials including furniture, lighting, bath accessories, and of course, bedding. They carry a variety of styles, from old-fashioned and cozy to modern, and everything in between.

They often have sales, making their prices much more palatable compared to some of the higher-end luxury options. With their affordable prices and stylish options, Hayneedle has everything you need to complete your home and bedroom, all while staying on-trend.

They also have kids’ furniture and bedding, which means options for the whole family. Hayneedle truly is the best place to buy bedding for any room and budget.


The Company Store

Being in the business for over a century, The Company Store is a staple in online bedding shopping. Sourcing materials from around the world and working with quality manufacturers and in-house designers, the products they sell are a caliber of their own.

With styles ranging from simple and sleek to full-on luxurious, there is a style – and a price – for everyone. While there are some pricey options on the site, there are many affordable options as well, making this one of the best places to buy bedding for anyone.