A roll of wallpaper and trio of paint cans.

27 Best Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Originally contributed by Amanda Naccarato • last updated 2/22/2021

Wallpapering your home can be quite the commitment — we’re talking big, bold tigers on a textured burgundy background type of permanency. That’s why self-adhesive wallpaper, which can be easily applied to a living space and later peeled off whenever there’s a need for change, is maintaining its popularity among renters, college students, and homeowners plagued with commitment issues.

If you fall in any of the three groups, you’ll be pleased to know that removable wallpaper is actually quite affordable, especially in comparison to the hefty price tag of traditional wallpaper that often comes with additional charges of supplementary supplies and installation fees. Now if that still doesn’t tickle your fancy, here’s another reason to ditch the roller and adhesive paste. Peel and stick wallpaper is super versatile with its many uses venturing beyond just sprucing up a bare wall. But don’t just take our word for it. Below you can explore the best peel and stick wallpaper on the market perfect for adding that “je ne sais quoi!” to any room of your home. 


Keep it Peachy

Peaches Removable Wallpaper
Urban Outfitters

Perhaps the vibrancy of this wallpaper is reminiscent of your longing for a paperback summer idyllically spent somewhere in northern Italy. Or maybe it’s not that at all. Rather, it could be that you just really like peaches. Either way, this fruity design is a sweet option for any homeowner craving a semi-permanent pop of color. The removable wallpaper is purchasable in panels for $49, with a dimension of 46 inches in length and 24 inches in width. 


A Taste of Palm Springs

Den of Hearts
Palm Springs

Craving the palm trees, mountains, and single-story homes of sunny California? Even if you live on the other side of the country, bringing the Californian landscape into your home has never been easier with this poly-woven fabric wallpaper available in shades of brown, green, and blue. The peelable paper is sold in panels and offered in three sizes: 2 by 4 feet, 2 by 8 feet, and 2 by 12 feet. The largest panel retails for $120.


Retro Abstract

Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel

Ready for a blast from the past? This lively peel and stick wallpaper features a pattern of bold semicircles evocative of the retro mid-century style. The self-adhesive wallpaper, which repeats every 24 inches for easy alignment when applied, comes in single panels offered in three different sizes: 4 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet. The panels start at $29.


Shimmering Geometric

Intersections Wallpaper

Adding color to your walls doesn’t always require a paint can and brush. Instead, removable wallpaper can be just as effective at bringing your walls to life. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these striking copper lines that can fool anyone into thinking they’re hand-painted. The wallpaper with peel away backing is sold in a roll that covers 58 square feet. It retails for $138, and depending on the size of your space, can be a cheaper alternative to purchasing individual panels.


Blush Watercolor

Timberlea Minimal Wallpapers

Now, let’s say bold and brash isn’t your thing. Well, fortunately, there are plenty of muted wallpapers on the market that add subtle interest to a room without overpowering the rest of the space. This rosy watercolor wallpaper is the perfect example of how a delicate pattern can carry such understated elegance in a minimalistic area. You can get your hands on the peelable vinyl for as little as $61, which is the smallest length offered. The roles have a standard width of 26.5 inches and come in four lengths: 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, and 11 feet.


Tropical Greenery

Wallshoppe Tropical Leaf Print Removable Wallpaper
West Elm

If you're craving the warmth and tranquility of the tropics, this bold greenery wallpaper that effortlessly brings paradise to your walls is singing your name! The tropical design, which is arguably one of the best peel and stick wallpapers on the market, comes in an ivory or peach-colored background, with rolls measuring 38.8 inches long and 27 inches wide. Printed on 100 percent nontoxic eco-friendly and scratch-resistant paper, one roll retails for $60.


Textured Grasscloth

The Pacific Standard

What’s better than adding color to your bare walls? Texture, of course! Grasscloth, like this textured wallpaper from Tempaper, is a great way to incorporate natural fibers, like bamboo, hemp, jute, reed and arrowroot grass into your home in a way that maintains the neutrality of your space. The top coated vinyl paper is sold by the roll, which measures 33 feet long and 20.5 inches wide, and covers approximately 56 square feet. Tempaper’s Grasscloth is $125 and comes in three colors: sand, bronze, and chambray.


Whimsical Swimmers

Kelsey Jaeger
Walls Need Love

Turn your wall into a pool for these cheeky swimmers to dive into. This vibrant peel and stick wallpaper is both PVC and VOC free, meaning it is nontoxic to both you and the environment. And if that’s not convincing enough to add these swimmers to your cart, then perhaps the removable wallpaper’s customizable rolls will do the trick. Each roll is purchasable in 10 different sizes made to perfectly fit your room’s distinct dimensions.


Rustic Distressed Wood

Distressed wood peel and stick wallpaper

Want the look of reclaimed wooden boards for your home, but not the hassle of installing each plank individually? Look no further than this ultra-realistic weathered wood wallpaper that provides a rustic touch to any space for $35. The reusable paper is purchasable in rolls and measures 16.5 feet by 20.5 inches, for a total coverage of 28 square feet.


Moroccan Spice Soleil

Tempaper Soleil Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Why limit peel and stick wallpaper strictly to a wall when there are so many other options — like spicing up your staircase, adorning the inside of a cabinet, or even framing an entryway. This Moroccan influenced removable wallpaper is a great example of how a vibrant pop of color can change so much more than just the walls of your home. The environmentally friendly paper comes in rolls with a dimension of 16.5 feet by 20.5 inches, and a price tag of $40.


Subtle Waves

JLV Creative
Livette's Wallpaper

Channel the ocean in your dwelling with this custom wave pattern wallpaper available in a variety of pastel colors. The subtle design is sold in panels that come with a standard width of 19 inches and a choice of four lengths: 4 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet, and 10 feet. Panels range in price starting from $46.


Not So Silent Tiger

Silent Tiger Wallpaper

These big, bold tigers are ready to pounce right off your walls. And although they may be not a permanent addition to your home, they sure will add vibrancy to any place they dwell. The stick-on furry friends can be bought in rolls that cover 36 square feet each and retail for $188.


Add a Pop of Color with Papaya

Papaya Removable Wallpaper
Urban Outfitters

What’s better than vivid papayas on your wall? The answer: absolutely nothing! This fruity peel and stick wallpaper is sold in panels for $49, with dimensions of 48 inches in length and 24 inches in width.


Boho Mural

Here’s another wallpaper that can fool anyone into believing you got super creative with your painting endeavors. The self-adhesive boho mural is sold in panels and comes in two finishes: smooth and canvas. The largest of the panels, measuring 108 inches long by 24 inches wide, costs $62.


Mid-Century Chic


Searching for a wallpaper that meshes with the mid-century modern design of your home? This art-deco inspired wallpaper that resembles the appearance of woven texture will be right up your alley. The bold block pattern is sold in rolls, which cover approximately 28 square feet, and is available in four different colors: taupe, orange, green, and black.


Tracing Constellations

Chasing Paper Constellation Map Removable Wallpaper
West Elm

View the stars from the comfort of your own home with this subtle peel and stick celestial wallpaper that features a navy background and metallic gold constellations. The removable fabric is sold in panels for $41 and covers an area of 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.


Stay Golden

The Shop at KLSD
Walls Need Love

Adding a touch of gold to your walls has never been easier with this simple yet elegant floral pattern wallpaper. The rolls of peelable vinyl retail for $4 per square foot and are completely customizable to fit the unique measurements of your space.


Chic Brush Strokes

ATX and O
Livette's Wallpaper

Much like the Livette wave wallpaper above, this tiny brush stroke self-adhesive textile paper, which retails at its smallest dimension for $46, can be completely customizable in both size and color to perfectly complement your home. The wallpaper adds chic interest to any room of your dwelling and is a spunkier alternative to traditional dots.


Dusty Rose Peonies

When thinking of floral wallpaper, most probably imagine a monotonous pattern that repeats every few inches. But don’t limit yourself when other options are on the market, like a flower mural that can transform any room into a blooming oasis. Take this watercolor peonies wallpaper for instance. The hand-painted self-adhesive paper is purchasable in panels starting at $48 and is available in two finishes and two sizes.


 Muted Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom peel and stick wallpaper

Where exactly can you put Japanese cherry blossom wallpaper in your home? Well, let’s see. Can you decorate the doors of a tall wardrobe? Yes. In the back of a bookshelf? Definitely. As an accent wall in a nursery? You already know it! There are so many uses for this self-adhesive paper, which is arguably one of the best peel and stick wallpaper available in stores. And with a price of $35 for a roll that covers 28 square feet, this subtle vinyl paper is quite the deal!


Mellow Yellow Feather Flock

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought ‘I know what my bare walls are missing — a flock of birds.’ Okay, so maybe that’s never happened but this wallpaper designed by Genevieve Gorder elegantly displays how gorgeous a formation of feathers can be on a wall. The removable wallpaper is purchasable by the roll for $40, with measurements of 16.5 feet by 20.5 inches, which gives you coverage of 28 square feet.


 Black and White Figures

Team Woodnote
Chasing Paper

Fine line artwork has been a popular choice among minimalistic homeowners and designers alike. So why not incorporate the thin strokes and single-line drawings onto your walls! This removable vinyl, which celebrates the female figure, is one of the best peel and stick wallpaper on the market that features fine line art. Sold in panels of three different sizes, the monochromatic wallpaper starts at $40.


 Modern Gold

Tempaper Marrakesh Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The contrast between the dark midnight blue and metallic gold can’t help but give off some subtle roaring twenties vibes. The DIY friendly stick-on paper is available in three other colors and can be purchased in rolls for $29. One roll covers approximately 28 square feet. That’s a total steal, old sport!


 Subtle Silver Leaves

Dorcheer Peel & Stick Wallpaper
Joss & Main

Alluding to nature in your home doesn’t have to be loud and vivacious. Sometimes it can be soft and tranquil, like a quaint embrace from mother nature herself. Sounds pretty amazing, right? All you’ll need is a roll of this silver leaf wallpaper, which retails for $42 and covers 28 square feet.


 Cherry Red Ribbons

Let’s face it, your life doesn’t flow in straight lines, so why should your walls? With this charming cherry ribbon wallpaper, you can bring a bit of whimsy to any part of your home. The fabric wallpaper comes in two handy sizes: 4 feet by 2 feet and 8 feet by 2 feet, with the largest panel costing $80.


 Scenic Tree Toile

Scenic Tree Toile Removable Wallpaper
Pottery Barn

The charming muted green trees of this scenic toile are arguably the most traditional of wallpaper on this list. And with two rolls of 8 feet by 2 feet for a price of $188, this wallpaper is quite the bang for your buck.


 Sleek Textured Crocodile

Graham & Brown

We’ve saved the best peel and stick wallpaper with a touch of glamour for last. The textured faux crocodile brings a dramatic flair to any space of your home for $85 per roll, which measures 32 feet long by 20 feet wide.