Best Greige Paint Colors 2020

Best Greige Paint Colors 2020

Originally contributed by Mackenzie Stratton • last updated 1/14/2021

Greige is the ultra-stylish mix of grey and beige. Because it’s a hybrid color, greige can range widely — from nearly white, warm, cool, or with a hint of green. Typically, it’s best to choose your paint color last, but due to its flexible definition, this is especially true with greige. To simplify things, select a motif like a piece of artwork, a chair, or a rug to base your design choices on and then tie the room together with your paint color.

Besides the hue of greige you opt for, you’ll want to consider its finish, too. As a rule of thumb it’s best to choose a higher gloss finish for areas with higher traffic. This makes it so your surfaces are easier to clean and maintain.

If you’re unsure what color greige to use in your home, this guide will help you make that choice. As a helpful hint, pulling together these colors was made heaps easier by downloading the Chrome extension, Eye Dropper. You can extract the actual color values from any online image you find, take the RGB or HEX codes to your local paint shop, and ask them to help you find the closest match. It’s magic.

Fleur de Sel

This hue of greige is still quite light but has a touch more gray to it than beige. Fleur de Sel by Sherwin Williams has a light and airy quality to it, so it’s a great canvas for a variety of aesthetics. You can style a coastal kitchen with it and it’s a natural complement to Scandinavian décor.

Edgecomb Gray

Moving up in saturation, Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore has a hint of warmth so it’s great to tie in with mustard yellow accents, warm-toned woods, or gold metallics. That said, you’ll want to create balance in your room so don’t be afraid to break the mold and incorporate a pop of cool color.


Collingwood by Benjamin Moore is one of the best greige paint colors, since it’s pretty much smack-dab in the middle between gray and beige. This gives you ultimate flexibility with your color palette. So if you find yourself pushed to decide on a hue, this is a smart choice. Make your walls come alive by applying a knockdown texture to your paint mixture.

Park Avenue

With its saturated appearance and warm undertones, Park Avenue by Behr is as sophisticated as its namesake. This hue of greige would mingle well with either a monochromatic or contrasted color palette, which portrays a unique sense of modernity. To this end, the Adobe Color app is a great way to interactively toggle between various color combinations so you can create your custom palette. 

Gray Huskie

Gray Huskie by Benjamin Moore leans gray, so if you want to amplify its mood, incorporate cool-colored décor or industrial details. This works great in a home where space is at a premium since cooler palettes and an industrial utilitarianism set a more spacious vibe. That said, the best greige paint colors can also be balanced readily so feel free to use shades of rose, copper, and forest green with this hue as well.

Sandstone Cliff

Greige has an organic quality to it, so it coincides well with finishes like stone, wood, and clay. Sandstone Cliff by Behr would fair well in a living room, where a sense of ease and leisure predominate. Consider using a faux fur throw, stone veneer accent wall, or even installing a fireplace to reflect the warm undertones of this greige hue.  

Moth Wing

This is one of the best greige paint colors because it’s rich but still easy on the eyes. For a luxury look in your home, never leave the ceilings plain old white — even just a small adjustment to their color will make the design of your space feel more intentional. To this end, paint the walls in a hue like Moth Wing by Sherwin Williams and choose a slightly lighter shade, like Accessible Beige, for the ceilings.

Hammered Silver

This saturated greige has cooler undertones that looks great as an accent wall, either simply painted on or with a textured finish. A hue like Hammered Silver by Sherwin Williams can turn the vibe of a space eclectic when paired with ceiling-high curtains, Moorish light fixtures, and a patterned rug.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete by Sherwin Williams is muted and cool, but is balanced enough that it won’t ice-out your home. Its industrial sensibility makes it one of the best greige paint colors for you to pair with mixed metals in your space, but ensure that you follow a few principles. First, make sure that items with the same function, like faucets and showerheads, have the same finish. Second, choose finishes that are well-contrasted so your design looks intentional, not haphazard.


Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term that means beauty in imperfection, so if you choose to use Wabi-Sabi by Behr, why not go with the flow and make the rest of your space feel organic? This hue skews a bit green, so it looks lovely with bamboo elements, matte-black finishes, and soft, origami-inspired throw pillows.  

Bonsai Pot

Bonsai Pot by Behr is imbued with a touch of green, so it’s similar to Wabi-Sabi, but the difference here is that it’s more saturated. Consider painting all four walls in your space with this greige, but balancing its effect with large, washed, and neutral pieces of artwork. Doing this, your décor will pop but your overall aesthetic will still be subtle.