Best Green Paint Colors 2020

Best Green Paint Colors 2020

Originally contributed by Mackenzie Stratton • last updated 1/14/2021

Using green paint colors is a lovely way to impart your home with either a sultry sense, feeling of ease, or an understated style, depending on its hue. When it comes to green, you’ll notice undertones of blue, gray, black, or yellow, which will point you in the direction you want to go for the rest of your color palette.  To narrow your options down, it’s best to go with your instinct. Carefully select a couple of swatches in each hue you like, then visualize them in your space and ask which one speaks to you most — after all, color is an emotional experience, not an exact science. 

As always, it’s wise to pick your paint colors last since the exact hue you want can be created, whereas you don’t have the same freedom with décor. If you love one of these paint colors but aren’t as sure how you feel about covering all four walls of your space, we get it; mustard green is chic in doses, but it can get overwhelming. That said, you do have options. You can create an accent wall, use a stencil pattern, or apply a decal to visually break up the impact of your chosen color. This guide will venture into all the top hues of green and provide you with design inspiration along the way.

Aloe Nectar

Aloe Nectar by Behr is the sort of green that may make you do a double take and ask if it’s truly green, or simply a shade of beige. So if you tend toward neutrals, this color is a great match. Its airy quality would look great with light-toned natural materials like bamboo or pampas grass.

Washed Olive

Washed Olive by Behr is just a touch more saturated than the previous hue. It has neutral undertones so you can take your palette in either a warm or cool direction. To this end, consider incorporating metallics to set your tone. If you want a warmer vibe, gold will get you there, whereas if you want a cooler one, silver is your best bet.


Green paint colors like Artichoke by Sherwin Williams are great for incorporating into spaces with fireplaces or soft lighting. It has a hint of brown mixed-in, so its coordinating colors should also lean warm. To complete the look, think floor-to-ceiling bookcases, richly stained hardwood floors, and ultra-soft throws.


Andiron by Sherwin Williams certainly has an air of drama to it, so you can have fun creating a unique statement with it. Try color blocking your walls with this hue, or even coating both your floors and ceiling in it — we promise your room won’t feel like a cave, just balance it out by using light-colored décor.

Green Earth

For a sunnier vibe, consider Green Earth by Benjamin Moore. Its subtle hue makes it easy to live in, so try using it in either your bedroom or living room. You can get inspired by the minimalist aesthetic, using just a few pieces of statement artwork and a chic sectional couch to do the heavy lifting in your space.

Tupelo Tree

Tupelo Tree by Sherwin Williams fits well into a color palette with teal, muted mauve, and a warm gray. The mix of bold and neutral tones allows you to create a luxe look, which is a great opportunity to mix in unique furniture like a scalloped chair or a statement mirror.

Jade Dragon

As far as green paint colors go, Jade Dragon by Sherwin Williams is a timeless choice. Its subdued undertones and neutral hue will create a sense of spaciousness in your room, to which you can add glass tables and light fixtures to open things up even more.

Goodwin Green

Goodwin Green by Benjamin Moore has a hint of blue in it, which gives it greater dimension and an ability to anchor the décor in a space. Pair it with marble and velvet upholstery for a lavish vibe, or lighten things up with natural accents like a live-edge wood table and a flatweave rug.


To create shades of green paint colors, black is mixed in, and Jasper by Sherwin Williams is almost all the way there. It’s great for spaces like the bedroom or the bathroom, where low lighting is usually preferred. If you have molding, paint it in the same color to extend the look of your walls.

Par Four

Green paint colors like Par Four by Benjamin Moore skew gray, giving them an organic feel. This makes it compatible with biophilic design, a design trend that aims to soften the effect of our modern lives by incorporating natural elements. If this appeals to you, infuse your space with terrariums, succulents, or even a bonsai tree.

Italian Ice Green

A hue like Italian Ice Green by Benjamin Moore is bright but still easy on the eyes, so it can multitask with a variety of aesthetics. If you prefer a shabby chic look, texture your wall to create a faux fresco, and if a farmhouse style suits you best, lace your space with dried florals and natural woods.

Fresh Eucalyptus

Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”) is a Danish word that implies a sense of comfort, intimacy, and conviviality. As a trend, it’s been adapted to both the interior design and cuisine scenes and using green paint colors is a wonderful way to achieve hygge. So, brush on a hue like Fresh Eucalyptus by Sherwin Williams, light a candle, and grab a loved-one.


Much like its mythological namesake, Calypso Green by Benjamin Moore has a feminine, bold allure. If you like an eclectic look, think of where your paint color is either found in nature or culture. This will help you narrow down a geographical region and thus, an aesthetic to emulate. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan have a long history of producing and using emeralds, so consider using highly adorned furnishings and billowing curtains to set the mood.