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8 Best Galley Kitchen Designs

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Callum Hill

There are so many different sizes and layouts for kitchens, but depending on the kind of space you have in your home, you may be left with a galley kitchen.

The galley style is nice because it keeps everything together, meaning the flow of the room will almost always be optimal. While some people associate galley kitchens with closed off spaces, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Any small kitchen can make great use of its limited space, all while keeping it bright and spacious feeling. If you’re looking for galley kitchen ideas, then you’ll definitely love this list.


Simple Wooden Galley Kitchen

West Elm

This galley kitchen uses white and light woods to keep the entire space airy.. The white shiplap ceiling, subway tiles, and countertops feel so fresh, allowing as much light to reach into the space as possible.

The natural wooden cabinets and dark, stainless steel appliances give the kitchen enough contrast, but don't overwhelm the light. It’s a really nice balance of fresh brightness and modern style.

The flow from the kitchen to the sink to the oven and stove is perfect, and there’s so much prep space for anything you’d want to be cooking or baking in there. 


Retro Minty Galley Kitchen

Home Designing

The mint green color of these kitchen cabinets and pantries make this space feel really bright and fresh. They pair so well with the white of the appliances, sink, and countertops. The retro feel of the white appliances and the cabinet hardware feel surprisingly contemporary when mixed this way.

The tiling is really nice too. The star-shaped design on the backsplash compliments the entire space, while the geometric design on the floor looks interesting without feeling too busy.

But the coolest thing about this entire kitchen has to be the little desk in the back. It’s definitely a great way to maximize space, especially if you don’t necessarily have room elsewhere for a home office. 


Modern Galley Kitchen Design

Architectural Digest

This is definitely a nice take on a traditional galley kitchen layout. The gray flat-paneled cabinets are really sleek and modern, but also have a bit of a warmth to them.

They pair really nicely with the darker accents, the granite countertops, and the lighter wood floors. And the fact that the area with the sink is completely open to the next room gives the kitchen a lot more light than it would ordinarily have.

That makes it feel much larger than it really is. It may not be a traditional galley kitchen, but that just makes it even nicer. 


Galley Kitchen With Unique Floor Tiles


This cute galley kitchen is so light and airy, with its light gray cabinets and off-white countertops.

Rather than adding a pop of color to the walls, this design opts to leave the color on the floor, with these cute, hexagonal tiles ranging from a darker blue-gray to a lighter bluish-white color. Somehow, despite being the only hints of blue in the entire kitchen, it brings everything in the room together.

The fact that this kitchen also has a cute little seat next to the window is another great way to use a bit of space that may not be usable for the kitchen proper. With the bit of storage in the bottom of the seats, it ensures that no space is wasted.


Small Galley Kitchen

Extra Space Storage

Some galley kitchens don't have a lot of space to work with, but this kitchen shows that what they have can still be maximized very easily.

With butcher block counters that can double as cutting boards, you already have an area with a lot of utility. Using white cabinets is always a great idea in a small kitchen like this one, because it ensures that you're getting as much light in that space as possible.

And as always, the dark hardware along the cabinets add enough contrast to keep things interesting. This is a great design to show how to utilize space, especially if you don't have a lot of it to begin with.


Spacious Galley Kitchen Design

Courtney Warren

There's definitely a lot of prep and storage space in this beautiful galley kitchen. The off-white cabinets have a hint of green to them, which is absolutely gorgeous and unique.

The black and white printed tiles on the ground make for a great separation of space, especially right next to the hardwood floor in the rest of the home.The dark colors in the floor also pair well with the dark hardware and appliances.

If only every galley kitchen design could allow for a window at the very end like this one here, because it allows for so much natural light and makes the entire kitchen look elongated.


Navy Blue Galley Kitchen

Bedrosians Tile And Stone

Though you may be tempted to think that dark cabinets would make a space feel small or closed off, it does the exact opposite here. The navy blue cabinets are absolutely incredible, and look perfect with the brass hardware and white appliances surrounding them.

Along with the marble countertops and a subway tile backsplash that has a bit of a silvery tinge to it, this kitchen looks so interesting, and yet feels so large and spacious.

The vintage rug that runs along the floor is a really neat touch, too, and pairs well with the brass hardware.


Simple Modern Galley Kitchen


It's simple, it's modern, and it's a great galley kitchen. It has a pretty good layout that allows for good flow, and though it is a bit of a smaller kitchen, it makes great use of the space that it has.

The cabinets on the wall opposite the windows go right up to the ceiling, which means that they use every square inch of space that they possibly could.

The contrast between the white cabinets and the dark counters and floor makes the entire kitchen feel super upscale. It just goes to show you that if you know what you're doing, you can make any kitchen look like a million bucks.