A bathroom with black and gray octagonal floor tiles, a wooden plank wall, and a pink floral designed shower curtain around the bathtub.

8 Best Bathroom Designs

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DIY Showoff
DIY Showoff

It’s pretty safe to say that bathrooms are really important. Having a dedicated room to clean yourself and, well, relieve yourself when the time comes is something that we should all have. Frankly, we all deserve to have bathrooms we can be proud to look at. And we deserve to be able to show off our beautiful bathrooms to any guests that use them.

There are so many different ways to design a bathroom. Some bathroom designs are simple, yet elegant. Others could have a lot of different parts to them. But whatever decor you choose, it just has to be one you love.

Since there are so many different ways to decorate a bathroom, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best. But if anything, these bathrooms here are all contenders for that top spot. So check out these incredible bathroom designs that are truly among the best of the best.


Best Small Bathroom With Tiled Wall Design

Whether you’re thinking of your full bathroom or your powder room, each one has to look its best. This small powder room is probably one of the most beautifully decorated powder rooms we’ve ever seen. The bold gray-green walls and the white subway tile border look so good together. And that tiny vanity is so clean and fresh, and is the perfect addition to that space.

Of course, we can’t look at this bathroom without looking at those gorgeous floor tiles. Those kinds of black-and-white printed square tiles are definitely on-trend. And we don’t think that look is going away anytime soon. 

All in all, every element works so well with each other. And while there is a lot going on when it comes down to it, it doesn’t feel busy. It feels like a beautiful, cohesive, contemporary space with a bit of a rustic flair.


Best Small Modern Bathroom Design

You really can’t go wrong with a modern bathroom, but this one goes above and beyond. It’s not the typical black and white, or stark white color schemes that we see often. It has a lot of different shades of white and gray that work so well together, and a bit of wood tone too.

That shower is the perfect size. It’s not obnoxiously big (though we do love giant showers) but it’s also not a shoebox either (though, if that’s what you can fit, that’s perfectly fine). And the tiles look so cool. Not to mention the wooden shelf on the accent wall that has lights in it! And the metal shutters. The floating toilet. Pretty much everything about this bathroom is perfect.


The Best Rustic Bathroom Design With Amazing Shower Tiles

The DIY Playbook

There’s a lot to love with this particular bathroom. The shower tiles, for one, are simply amazing. It uses the typical subway tile scheme, but goes above and beyond with all of those peach tones. The shower/bath combo ends up feeling really unique. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

And the green along the walls is so nice. It has a sort of olive tone to it, which pairs really well with the peachy tiles. The printed floor tiles are a really nice touch as well. Everything about this bathroom feels rustic, but not overly so. This bathroom could be in any house.


The Best, Large, Paneled Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Wood paneling in the bathroom is a really underrated design choice. There’s so much you can do. Leave a wall bare with natural wood tones in it, or dress it up with a bit of white paint (or another color). Whatever you do, it’s going to look cool.

And the white paneling definitely looks great in this bathroom. Along with the wooden ceiling (which is blowing our minds) this space looks like a perfect farmhouse space. That bathtub, shower, and those floor tiles also really add to the farmhouse aesthetic.  


The Best White Contemporary Bathroom Design

Here’s another huge washroom, this time with a lot of different white tones. All-white is a pretty tricky aesthetic to nail down, but this bathroom does it perfectly. The result is a beautiful and contemporary space that would work in pretty much any home.

Those herringbone floor tiles are spectacular. The way they lead to the rounded bathtub is a really nice touch. And while the vanity is an off-white color, it doesn’t clash with the rest of the design. And the fact that there’s room for an entire shower means that this washroom pretty much has it all. 


The Best Bathroom With A Wood Panel Accent Wall

DIY Showoff

Just like the previous paneled bathroom, this one does it in a really unique and underrated way. Who would ever think to add a wall filled with wooden panels into a washroom? That’s what makes this one so special.

The tones in the wood go really well with the grainy gray and white hexagonal tiles. And the green vanity, too. And it all really matches that beautiful shower curtain. It’s actually difficult to tell which element in this bathroom is the show-stopper. That’s probably a really good thing, though. 


Best Painted Ceiling Design In A Bathroom

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Painted ceilings are going to be big in 2021, we can just tell. The black and white tones in this bathroom are already super cool, but with the addition of the black ceiling, it takes the room to the next level. It just feels so rich and luxurious.

The fact that the black paint extends to the top parts of the bathroom walls is a really nice effect, too. It makes it feel like more than just a painted ceiling. And yet, the bathroom doesn’t feel super closed off, or like it’s too small or anything. It’s just a really neat optical illusion that sets it apart from the rest. 


Best Large Modern Bathroom Design

There are so many ways to do modern bathrooms right. And this large washroom is definitely doing a lot right. It has so many amazing elements to it that we can’t even keep count of them all.

The gray tones are stunning. The stone tiles along the floor and wall make the space feel large. The gray wood tones are a really unique take on putting wood in a modern bathroom. We’re absolutely obsessed with how this all looks together.

The vanity feels infinite. And the way the bathtub sticks out from behind the wall like that is surprisingly adorable. This is truly a bathroom that’s a cut above the rest.