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14 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2021

Originally contributed by • last updated 3/31/2021

Devon Janse van Rensburg

Bedroom feeling outdated? If you’re ready for a change, we’ve got bedroom interior design ideas to get the creativity flowing. This year’s styles revolve around warm in cozy but moody bedrooms that whisper liveable luxury.

Natural fabrics and textures are still popular and classic white isn’t out altogether. Get a little inspiration to update and renovate your bedroom in the new year.


Cowhide Rugs

Gabriel Beaudry

Every cowhide rug is unique, and they’re incredibly durable. They come in different colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes to give the bedroom an organic feel.

Pair it with modern decor for a funky contrast, or use it to add visual interest to a monochromatic color scheme. 


Compliment Your Architecture

Beyza Nur Kocaosmanoğlu

If your home’s architecture screams mid-century modern or French country, don’t fight it. Embrace it. Take the bedroom interior design to the next level by matching a few bedroom pieces to the home’s architectural period. (Keep it to a few pieces so the bedroom doesn’t feel like a complete throwback.)

It could be the bed frame and a side chair or the curtains, rug, and throw pillows, while the rest of the room incorporates modern pieces or a complementary style you love. 


Turkish Rugs

Tatiana Syrikova

Turkish rugs bring an exotic flair to the bedroom without overwhelming the rest of the decor. Their deep, earthy colors brighten while maintaining the warmth of the natural materials.

A traditional Turkish rug made by artisans who’ve learned the craft as handed down for centuries can last for decades if cared for properly. If a price tag throws you off, consider that it’s an investment you can move to any room in the house.  


Bedroom Chandelier


Chandeliers left the dining room a long time ago. It’s only natural that they’ve found their way into the bedroom. Turn your bedroom into a luxurious getaway with a moody chandelier.

Chandeliers come in all styles and sizes, so even if you have a small bedroom, there’s a chandelier that will bring style and light to the most restful of spaces.  


Warm Colors

Terry Magallanes

Cool whites, grays, and beiges aren’t the top trends anymore. People are looking for warmth and comfort, which is exactly what the other end of the color spectrum provides.

Warm colors have red, yellow, and orange undertones that feel warm and welcoming. Paint is the quickest way to warm the bedroom, but you can opt for comforters, throws, and pillows in warm colors for a less permanent change. 


A Room Divided

Dmitry Zvolskiy

Today, most spaces, including the bedroom, are multifunctional. Room dividers put definitive boundaries between your sleep and work or workout space. It might not seem like much of a difference, but dividers can help you separate your work life from sleepy time.

Traditional dividers have shutters or screens but large houseplants, rolling clothes racks, and curtains can function as room dividers, too. 


Weaved Pendant Lights

Content Pixie

Weaved pendant lights bring in warmth with natural materials and textures. They also add a casual opulence to the bedroom. Pendant lights aren’t the only place to consider a great weave.

While you don’t want to go crazy with weaved textiles and furniture, adding a few into the decorative mix brings depth to the bedroom interior design. 


No-Fuss Luxury

Вахтбович Максим

No-fuss, livable, casual—there are a lot of words to describe the kind of luxury that’s replacing easily damaged fabrics and furniture you don’t dare touch.

It’s a luxury that lets you collapse on the bed, watch TV, or read a book without worrying about ruining anything. It’s a lived-in comfort, but with a touch of sophistication.


Make It Moody

Devon Janse van Rensburg

Shades of emerald green, navy, and even black have a drama that has the right blend of moodiness and welcoming warmth.

A single wall, every wall, a dark stripe — be creative in how you make your walls dark. Mix the darkness with white furniture or natural wood, with its inherent glow. 


All Bright, All White


Dark colors may be all the rage, but white has not lost its appeal in bedroom interior design. When we say white, we mean all brilliantly white from floor to ceiling.

White has an airy, fresh quality you can’t get with any other color. All white is the perfect way to expand a small bedroom or add height low ceilings. Even a spot of color in a white bedroom grabs the eye, and that’s exactly what you want.

Capture attention with a single-colored throw or photo hung over the bed. Or mix all white with natural fabrics and weaved furniture to hint at casual sophistication. 


Bring It Alive

Timothy Buck

Interior designers have been bringing the outdoors in for a few years. That trend extends into the bedroom, where houseplants naturally add color, shape, and (literally) life. Plus, they’re great for the indoor air quality.

Macrame hangers, floor plants, or simple potted plants on the nightstand are all on-trend ways to incorporate nature in the bedroom. Choose plants like English ivy or the snake plant that thrive in low light and require little maintenance


A Clear View

Im3rd Media

If a reno is in your budget, take a look at window walls as the ultimate way to make your bedroom feel like a part of nature. Windows can wrap the bedroom to let light in from every angle.

That many windows also give you an opportunity for a fantastic room full of drapes and sheers to control how much light enters the room. 


Know Your Greens

Andrea Davis

If there’s one color that’s seeing a resurgence in interior design, it’s green. Not light or pastel greens, but deep, rich greens like emerald, pine, juniper, and moss.

Nature’s darker shades are taking center stage not just in the bedroom but the living, kitchen, and bathroom, too. A dark green that encompasses the entire room fits with the dark moody colors of the season.

If you use green as an accent on a single wall or in accessories, mix it with wood, wicker, and other natural materials that hint back to mother nature. 


Build Interest With Layered Textiles

Susan Wilkinson

Bedroom textiles either make you want to lay down and stay awhile or find somewhere else to rest your rump. Layer your textiles to add interest and to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Soft cottons, velvet, and corduroy mix well, but you can also throw in macrame, stitched patterns, or sequins to change things up. (One uncomfortable textile can spice up an otherwise comfort-centric bedroom.)

Look beyond pillows with rugs, throws, and window treatments, where you can mix other prints, patterns, and textures for a bedroom with depth and life.