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13 Bedroom Furniture Designs

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The Merry Thought

Adorning your sleeping space with an ensemble of strategically placed furniture can feel like a puzzle.

Should you surround your bed with a pair of nightstands? How many dressers are too many in one space? Would an open wardrobe solution help accommodate a lack of closet storage?

Don't fret just yet.

We've gathered 13 bedroom furniture design ideas that may just be exactly what you need to set your chamber transformation into motion. Explore them all below.


Bedroom Design Ideas Dark Furniture

DIY Huntress

The juxtaposition of dark and light is a timeless interior design aesthetic. If your bedroom walls and ceiling are a light color — like white, grey, or beige — consider contrasting with darker furniture.

A great piece that could work in your sleeping space is this wooden geometric headboard. Crafted out of plywood and stained a dark brown shade, the headboard can be the perfect backing for your cozy bed.

Its modern design and vivid color are both elements that make the unit ideal in a lightly colored room.


Bedroom Furniture Design with Cupboards


Whether your bedroom can fit a single twin bed, or five in a row, every sleeping haven needs storage. One clever way to do this is adding built-in cupboards.

The cupboards can take up an entire wall or simply surround a bed as the above design does. This clever storage ensemble features two vertical closets on either side of the bed. Joining them together are four spacious overhead cupboards.

The clever unit has lights installed under the top cupboards and niches built into the sides of the closets. Talk about a bedroom furniture design that allows for ample storage!


Modern Bedroom Furniture Design — The Clothing Rack

Manda & Caiylin
The Merry Thought

Sometimes you have to get creative when it comes to maximizing your bedroom storage. Manda of The Merry Thought knows this well. Her near 200-year-old house has very little closet space.

This led the DIYer to devise an open wardrobe system that provides plenty of storage without being an eyesore. Using wood dowels and PVC side outlet elbows, Manda built a minimal clothing rack.

The cube unit features double bars on its top to accommodate two rows of clothing. But that's not all the wooden pieces can support. It can be a home for purses, belts, scarves, and even shoes. There are so many clever possibilities!


Kids Bedroom Furniture Design

Jen Woodhouse

Kids can most certainly get in on the crafty bedroom furniture designs with this built-in bunk. The adorable unit features a shiplap exterior, house number, and mail slot to perfect the homey appearance.

Inside the structure are two enclosed areas that house each mattress and incorporate interior shelves and chic lighting. The bunk beds are complete with four windows and a ladder to enter the top bed.

For the complete building instructions, be sure to visit Jen Woodhouse.


Plywood Bedroom Furniture Designs

Within The Groove

A work desk may not be an essential piece of bedroom furniture for everyone. But for those who work remotely, sectioning off a "home office" in their sleeping area is a necessity.

Luckily, doing so can be a simple task that doesn't require emptying your bank account. Liz of Within In The Groove shares a minimalist plywood waterfall desk that costs $75 to pull together.

Although the table itself doesn't feature any storage, it was built to fit two cabinets underneath.


Bedroom Design Ideas White Furniture

Simply Beautiful By Angela

Not all furniture has to have a distinct purpose, like providing storage. Others can simply exist in a bedroom for aesthetic reasons. Take, for, instance this light bench at the end of a bed.

Sure, the chic bedroom furniture design can be used for its intended purpose — seating. However, the bench arguably functions as an elegant footboard that completes the end of a bed.


Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture Design


If a clothing rack isn't exactly your style, here's another open closet option. The unit is crafted of birch plywood and features cubby storage, a section for hanging clothes, and a handy bottom drawer.

It's a modern bedroom furniture design that's as visually appealing as it is functional. The dimensions of the build are 75 inches in length, 41.5 inches in width, and 19 inches deep.

But these measurements can be tweaked to fit your bedroom size and unique needs. Be sure to check out the building tutorial by DIY Creators on Instructables.


Baby Bedroom Furniture Design

Jenna Sue
Jenna Sue Design

Has the idea of upcycling a vintage dresser into a crafty nursery table ever crossed your mind? Well, it did for Jenna of Jenna Sue Design Co. who created a chic changing station with hidden storage.

The DIY began by securing a deep shelf onto the wall her table will reside. Once installed, Jenna gave the dresser a much-needed update with a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, the changing station was positioned in front of the shelf disguising it from view. The shelf, which can house diapers, wipes, and lotions, is only visible from above.

This way, all the baby supplies are kept neatly organized and out of sight. But most importantly, the discreet shelf frees up the dresser's drawers for other infant necessities.


Bedroom Bed Furniture Design

A Piece of Rainbow

For $100, one DIYer was able to create this chic wooden bed frame. The minimalist unit that was crafted over a weekend is complete with a matching headboard.

Using a combination of plywood and Douglas Fir boards, the bedframe was meticulously designed. This allows the bed to be put together easily and taken apart just as simply.

For all the crafty details, be sure to check out A Piece of Rainbow.


Bedroom Design with Mirrored Furniture

Lindsay Ann
The Lindsay Ann

Giving your current furniture a lustrous update may be exactly what you need to revamp your bedroom. Follow in the footsteps of Lindsay Ann who transformed her dark nightstands into chic, shimmering units.

The DIYer first gave the small-stratured storage pieces a new exterior with metallic spray paint. Once dry, she adhered pieces of glass onto the top, sides, and drawer fronts.

Pretty, simple right? The best part is that it's much cheaper than purchasing a premade mirrored nightstand.


Bedroom Furniture Cabinet Design

The Merry Thought

Is there any such thing as too much storage in a bedroom? The answer should be a definite no. But there certainly is a reverse situation — not enough storage.

When that dilemma arises, you may not be able to run out a purchase a new unit. What you can do, however, is get crafty and DIY your own storage solution.

Take this modern cabinet for instance. The chic piece was actually built from an upper kitchen cabinet given a serious makeover for only $15. It's an impressive DIY that you can check out on The Merry Thought.


Bedroom Furniture Design for Small Spaces


Is it a mirror or is it a ladder shelf? The answer may come as a revelating surprise — it's both in one! And the good news is that you can create a similar design for your own room.

Comprised entirely of wood, the chic piece features a dressing mirror on the front and shelving on the rear. A dark stain was applied to the completed unit for a modern look.

But this can be adjusted to mesh with your existing bedroom aesthetic. Head over to Instructables for the complete step-by-step guide.


Bedroom TV Furniture Design

Zoe and Andrew Hunt
Crafted By The Hunts

Unsure of where to place your flat screen other than securing it to a wall? The couple behind Crafted By The Hunts offer a clever solution — hide your television in a cabinet.

The TV is concealed in the back of a cabinet and attached to a lift that raises and lowers the screen. It's a brilliant solution that offers plenty of storage through the cupboard and inner shelves.

But more notably, the modern cabinet keeps your electronics from becoming an eye sore. It also goes unsaying that the unit can be customized to your room's size and style.