Master bedroom with bold pinks and peaches

Bedroom Design Ideas for 2021

Originally contributed by Amanda Naccarato • last updated 2/17/2021

For many, the start of the new year means committing to resolutions. Sure, these goals could be as simple as pledging to eat healthier or cutting down the amount of time you glare at your smartphone. But for others, an entirely different aspiration is in sight, and it’s breathing new life into your current sleeping space.

Picture a fresh coat of paint, strategically placed decor, and updated cozy sheets that swaddle you on a cool winter night. All this is possible with a little bit of tenacity and a whole lot of inspiration from our curated list of bedroom design ideas for 2021. From elegant master bedrooms to cheeky sleep areas for kids, be sure to check out the trendy rooms below. New year, new bedroom has never rung more true.

1. Keep it Neutral

Master Bedroom Reveal
A Lo Profile

What's one of the biggest trends of 2021? The answer can be summed up in six words — Neutrals. Neutrals. And even more neutrals. Don't believe us, just take a look at this simple yet thoughtful master bedroom designed by Lauren from her lifestyle blog, A Lo Profile. The bedroom uses a palette of whites, greys, and beiges to create a warm space with subtle pops of colors that perfectly compliment the layers of neutral.

2. Bohemian Dreams

A Fall Refresh for our Master Bedroom
Paper & Stitch

From the white walls and rustic wood flooring to the muted rug and bold greenery, just about everything in this room by Paper & Stitch screams boho. Despite embracing quite the neutral color palette, the room still exudes an eclectic aesthetic through its vivid artwork, structural decor elements, and soft pops of color.

3. Cozy Cottage for the Little Ones

Cottage Style Kids Bedroom Reveal
Sarah Joy

Sharing a bedroom wouldn't be so bad if this was the sleeping space we had to dwell in. Sure, this cozy cottage style room may be for children, but the contrast between the black decor and white shiplap wall create a sophistication that makes this bedroom so appealing. It’s truly a stunner among bedroom design images. The beds may be tiny, but we'd make do. So where do we sign up?

4. Embrace Wallpaper

Guest Room Progress
Hi Sugarplum!

Wallpaper is another trend that we're taking with us into the new year. There are so many uses of the decorative vinyl paper that comes in either a permanent paste to the wall form or its peel-and-stick temporary alternative. You can create a bold accent wall, decorate furniture, or even frame a doorway. But if all that still isn't enough pattern for your home, then perhaps wallpapering an entire guest bedroom — much like Cassie of lifestyle blog Hi Sugarplum did — will do the trick. 

5. Minimal Scandinavian

How to Achieve a Minimal Scandinavian Bedroom
Homey Oh My

Keeping your sleeping space as minimal as possible is among the best bedroom design ideas 2021 has to offer. White walls, understated decor, and most importantly, a simple layout are all key elements of the Scandinavian aesthetic that favors no-frills over elaborate designs. 

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Incorporate Color

Jeff Mindell
Studio DIY

Sticking to a minimal bedroom aesthetic doesn't mean you have to shy away from using any color. Instead, consider embracing a few different shades and working them into different sections of your dwelling. Kelly of Studio DIY does just this by integrating pinks and peaches into her master bedroom through the striking carpet, decorative pillows, collection of wall art, and subtle decor.

7. Use the Force!

Little Bits of Home

Close your eyes and imagine starring up at the galaxy in awe of the plethora of shining stars before you. Now open them back up and direct your attention to this Star Wars-themed kid's bedroom from Little Bits of Home complete with pillows, wall art, and even a star ceiling reminiscent of the franchise. In the spirit of Yoda, truly a start wars lover's dream, the room is.  

8. Rustic Charm of Farmhouse Style

Sarah Jean
She Holds Dearly

Integrating farmhouse style into your master bedroom doesn't have to borderline on ‘country kitsch’ in order to feel the southern charm. Instead, striking a balance between modern and traditional is a better approach. 

Cast your eyes upon this country bedroom that incorporates the neutral palette and abundance of natural light from modern design with the vintage furniture and decor of farmhouse chic. It's in our top bedroom design ideas to watch out for this year!

9. The Chic Multi-Functional Room

Cozy Couture

A bedroom is often so much more than just a place to catch some z's at night. Rather, it's a school work station, outfit planning area, makeup studio, and with the new reality of Covid-19, the bedroom has probably been where you've hibernated for the past 10 months. Thus, it's only logical that a teen's bedroom is designed with all these purposes in mind, and this Cozy Couture room by Dormify does just that.

10.  Mid-Century Modern

The Sorry Girls

Whether it's disposable cameras, bell-bottoms, or even the Mid-Century modern interior design aesthetic, what was once old usually finds its way back to the present. This master bedroom by Becky of The Sorry Girls is the perfect example of how Mid-Century modern is continuing its popularity into the 2020s. The terra cotta accent wall, minimal decor, and contrasting furniture are all hallmarks of the trendy interior style.

11. Cottage Folklore

Cottage Master Bedroom
Chris Loves Julia

You don't have to be living in a fairy tale to have a cottage-inspired master bedroom. Sure, Snow White may have lived with seven little men but did she have a picturesque canopy bed, stunning stone fireplace, or subtle decor in her sleeping area? Didn't think so.

12. Attic Hideaway

Julian Wass
This Old House

The attic may not be anyone's preferred spot to hit the hay, let alone children. So the idea of putting your kid's bedroom above your home's top story may seem a little dodgy. But when a room is as bright, open, and colorful as this one, sleeping in the attic doesn't seem so bad after all. In fact, an attic bedroom could potentially become your little one's dream hideaway. It's one of our fave bedroom design ideas on the list!

13.  Add Texture to your Walls

Guest Bedroom Makeover
Jen Woodhouse

Channel the sophistication of Parisian interior design with elegant wainscoting that adds plenty of textural interest to your space.

14.  Murphy Bed

Ruthie Tabone
Refashionably Late

Not sure what to do with that extra room in your home? You've probably imagined it being a guest bedroom. Or maybe even a home gym. But surely it couldn’t be both, could it? Well, the crafty couple of Refashionably Late prove how simple it can be to mesh a murphy bed with a designated workout area and still make it appear as one cohesive space. The multi-purpose room is as modernly chic as it is extremely functional.

15.  Modern Bunk Beds

Pretty Providence

Even the friendliest of siblings would probably agree that sharing a bedroom can be a challenge. But with a sleeping area that's as bright and airy as this room designed by Jessica of Pretty Providence, we wouldn't mind climbing onto the top bunk and resting our eyes for an hour...or two. While the theme of this bedroom is quite neutral, all the credit belongs to the striking rug, soft wallpaper accent, and twinning blankets for effectively breaking up the whites, blues, and greys.

16.  Everything’s Better with a Touch of Green

Bedroom Details
Hannah Trickett

Let's be honest, plant friends make everything a little bit better. Even transforming four plain walls into a warm and inviting bedroom.

17. Spread a Little Sunshine

Jewel Marlowe
Jeweled Interiors

There's no shortage of color in this teen bedroom designed by Jeweled Interiors. So much so that you probably would have never known this bedroom has no windows, and is actually in a basement. The white walls and bright yellow accents pair together perfectly and aid in brightening up the small space. This eccentric design may not be for the faint of heart, but we absolutely adore it! And here's to hoping there's much more boldness in future 2021 bedroom design ideas.