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14 Bedroom Design Ideas For Girls

Originally contributed by • last updated 4/6/2021

Josh Hemsley

Bedroom design for girls can (and should) be fun, creative, and include a wide range of colors, not just pink.

A few good bedroom designs for teens and girls can help you pick the perfect accessories for the girly girl who wants pink, fluff, and sparkle or an adventurer who’s ready to climb a mountain.

Read on to get inspired, and let the decorating and designing begin. 


Cute, Functional Bed Storage

Craftiness is Not Optional

Kids need storage. Teen, tween, toddler—it doesn’t matter. Storage is a must.

This cute hanging storage space has space for books, a small reading light, pens, or pencils. Fabric offers a washable surface, but you might consider a floating ledge for an alarm clock or charging station for older girls.


Build-In Desk 

Casey Finn
The DIY Playbook

An organized study space can work wonders for a child’s ability to focus and get homework done. This triple desk offers shelf storage space, too.

This design has a lot of open space, so it doesn’t feel heavy or weight down the room. If your girl’s bedroom isn’t large enough for a big built-in, a Murphy desk or reading space with a bean bag chair and a lap desk can be just as effective.

But make the space fun, and your child might not protest about homework quite so much. 


Books Within Reach

Casey Finn
The DIY Playbook

Children love books. Reading and comprehension are a vital part of their development and education. So when planning a bedroom design for girls, keep that need in mind.

Book storage near the bed is perfect for reading before lights out. These book ledges by the DIY Playbook are sleek and light so as not to weigh down the room.

Floating shelves, bookcases, and bookshelves are more options to help a budding reader develop her skills and imagination. 


Patterned Wall Paint

Vintage Revivals

Spice up those walls with a painted all pattern. At Vintage Revivals, Mandi did a Southwest-inspired motif with sunset colors for a cool, modern bedroom design for girls.

If you’re not up for a complicated pattern, go simple with stripes or simple geometric shapes. 


Polka Dots

Tidbits and Twine

What says fun and whimsy more than polka dots? Today’s polka dots are more freeform than previous designs.

Vinyl stick-ons let you create your own wall design, without the hard work (or permanence) of paint. Plus, the room’s occupant can change up the design whenever she wants.

This design by Tidbits and Twine mixes and matches polka dot motifs so it’s coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy. 


Woodland Themes

Balancing Home

Woodland themes hint at fairytales with just the right blend of animal and fairytale magic. These themes come in a wide range of color schemes from oranges and browns to black and white.

Strengthen the theme with a woodland wallpaper or mural for an immersive play background. 


Open Clothes Closet

Carli Alves
Made by Carli

Clothes in the open — isn’t that what a closet is for? Technically, yes. However, small closets fill quickly, especially as your girl’s wardrobe grows as fast as she does.

An open clothes closet isn’t meant to hold everything, but it’s a great place to catch overflow or for those pieces she uses most often.

Her favorite sweatshirts, jeans, and t-shirts within easy reach can make it easier to manage her clothes.


Painted Brick

Tatertots & Jello

Natural brick has a vintage, industrial vibe, but if that’s not your girl’s jam, paint it. White paint brightens the room and reflects rather than absorbs light.

Other colors like gray, blue, and green in tones and hues your girlie loves are great options too. 


Decorative Hanging Storage

Josh Hemsley

Storage, storage, storage — can you ever have enough? No. You can never have enough, particularly when planning a bedroom design for girls.

Stylish hanging storage gets double bonus points. It doesn’t take up square footage, acts as a decorative accessory, and (of course) provides extra storage space. If you’re hard up for space, look for pieces with top shelves, hooks, and baskets to maximize the utility.


Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Josh Hemsley

Stripes grab the eye’s attention and lead visual attention where you want it to go. In a girl’s bedroom, that could be the bed, an accent wall with a Murphy desk, or the entire space to elongate the room.

For those who want to create an optical illusion of height, width, or definition, stripes are a fun way to do it. Use them to add a pop of color or make a dramatic statement.

They don’t have to be on the walls either. Shake up florals or geometric patterns with striped throw pillows, throws, a rug, or curtains.


Sconces And Daybeds

Victoria Borodinova

This bedroom features a minimal woodland theme with all white accessories, simple and clean. Sconces add sophistication to a girl’s room in a way other lighting pieces just can’t.

Sconces come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can really set a subtle tone in the room by changing them out. 


Colored Trim

Sharon Rowley
Mom of 6

Natural wood and white trim are everywhere, so why not try something a little different? Meant for a girl that doesn’t mind straying from the norm, colored trim will definitely set the room apart.

If blue and pink aren’t the right combination, what about white and black, or white and navy? Color schemes can grow with the child if you stick with neutral colors. 


Stenciled Walls

Kate Decorates

Stencils open whole new options in bedroom design for girls. This room’s stenciled polka dots almost look like they dance on the wall.

Go sophisticated with chevrons, whimsical with mandalas, Great Gatsby with art deco, or classic with lattices. Stencils take some patience, but they look amazing and give the room a custom feel. 


Gold Trim With Mixed Prints

Randi Garrett
Randi Garrett Design

A combination of gold accents with mixed prints takes chances but looks classy. Florals with cheetah or geometric with polka dots gives the design edge but keeps it young and flirty.

Of course, gold carries hints of glamor too. This points out an important balance to strike when you’re designing a girl’s bedroom.

Mix things up. All stripes or all polka dots get boring and ho-hum. Mix florals with animal prints or throw nautical and whimsical together. For the right girl, a mix of patterns complemented with a metallic accent will create a space that feels like a haven.