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7 Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Originally contributed by • last updated 5/20/2021

Reza Payandeh

Do you ever look up in your bedroom and think, "these ceilings are boring"? Believe it or not, you can fix that. There are plenty of unconventional ways to decorate your bedroom — including messing with the ceiling.

If you think about it, they're are basically blank canvasses that you can decorate how you want, same as walls. And if you can, then you definitely should.

Changing up your ceiling can really give your room character. Whether you decide to go all out and pick something bold, or go with something a little subtler, there's an ida for every style.

So check out these cool ceiling design ideas that you could try out in your own bedroom.


Ceiling With Simple Bulkhead Border Design

There is something so simple and yet so elegant about this ceiling design idea. The way it transitions into a boxed area that extends a bit further up than the bulkhead-like border makes the walls feel really tall.

And the lighting is absolutely perfect. Not just the pot lights, but the LED border too. Total drama.

What's really great about this example is that it's not too much. It's really just a subtle change to the way we're used to seeing ceilings.

It's still white with molding, which is more or less the standard, but those extra details are what take this ceiling above and beyond. It helps give this room a very upscale feel.

If you happen to have really tall ceilings, you could pull something like this off. You may lose a bit of height, but you'd make up for it in visual interest. And really, unless you're 14 feet tall (no one is) you won't have to worry about losing a few inches.


Painted Master Bedroom Ceiling Design

There was a time when the mere suggestion of a painted ceiling struck fear into the hearts of many. Nowadays, painted ceilings are a bit more common, and a much less terrifying thought.

Depending on how you paint it and how the rest of the room looks, it can be really cool. Like this room here, which is dramatic and chic.

An entirely black ceiling may seem like the kind of thing that would make a space feel small, and yet, this room doesn't feel shrunken in the slightest.

In fact, that black ceiling makes it feel so much more spacious. The bright walls and big windows definitely help with that, because it doesn't look or feel like a closed space. It really works well with the rest of the bedroom's decor.


Vaulted Bedroom Ceiling Design

Some bedrooms have vaulted ceilings because that's the only way they would work structurally, while other bedrooms have them purely for the aesthetic.

One thing we can probably all agree on, though, is that they're fantastic. There are very few rooms that would look worse with a vaulted ceiling in them.

Though they tend to have have a distinct, raw wood look to them, they can still work with a bunch of different styles. They can be paired with industrial furniture for a more modern look. Or even white walls and sparse furniture to achieve that minimalist feel.

And it doesn't take much to get them to have a rustic or farmhouse feel. So really, vaulted ceilings are quite the blessing.


Black Molding Design In A Small Bedroom

You don't have to have a large bedroom in order to enjoy different ceiling design ideas. Even small bedrooms can be made up to look fantastic from top to bottom. This bedroom is definitely on the smaller side, and yet it looks so great with that black molding along the center of the ceiling.

A lot of the time, we'll see molding that's just white. Or we'll see painted ceilings with no texture to them. So the fact that this breaks both those norms is really cool. And smart.

The bedroom doesn't have a lot of space to work with, but it has a good amount of height. By adding that black molding facade, it gives the space a lot of interest without making it feel even smaller.

Alongside the white walls, the ceilings help to give the room the illusion of space. This is a really great idea for any small bedroom.


Wooden Ceiling Alcove Bedroom Design

Wooden planks make sense on the floor. In a lot of contexts, they even make sense along walls. But who would've thought they would make perfect sense along a ceiling too?

Even as an accent, like the little alcove in this bedroom, they make such a great addition.

Despite the fact that we'd normally associate an abundance of wood with more country aesthetics, it looks so timeless here. It has a very sleek, modern feel, which is emphasized by the white walls surrounding the alcove.

This would be such a great room for anyone of any age, but somehow, it feels perfect as a design idea for a minimalist kid's room.


Painted Ceiling And Partially Painted Wall Bedroom Design

We don't usually envision neutral, sandy colors as possibilities for our ceilings. Yet here it is, in all its glory — and it looks fantastic! The earthy color not only feels bright and fresh, but the way it extends to the first quarter of the wall space is really cool too.

It's almost like the whole room is a pen, and the top of the walls and the ceiling is the cap. There's the illusion of height, while still feeling cozy.

That division of color and space just works, and it's a really happy medium for people who love white walls, but also love having a bit of color in their bedroom.


Subtle Ceiling Patterned Design For A Master Bedroom

The subtle pattern on this ceiling is really nice and proves that tin tile-style can be timeless. Paired with the soft colors along the wall and all of the blue and wood accents, the entire room has such a classic feel to it.

The best part about this ceiling design is that it's fairly simple to achieve. Use a stencil with paint slightly darker than the base color, or buy plastic ceiling tiles and paint them a fresh white.

The result is a lot of texture, and not in that weird popcorn way you see in some old houses. It's such a great way to utilize the ceiling as decoration, without going overboard or having too much going on up there.