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9 Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

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No bathroom is complete without a sink, and the best way to incorporate a sink into your bathroom is in the form of a vanity. A vanity will allow you to wash your hands and do whatever else you need to do at the sink, all while giving you some much-needed storage.

But when it comes to replacing or updating your bathroom vanity, you may not know where to start. There are so many different colors and styles that it could get your head spinning.

Luckily, this list exists to show you some great bathroom vanity design ideas for your next upgrade.


Bathroom With Double Sink Vanity

The double vanity is a much-loved unit for any couple or large family, since it allows multiple people to get ready for the day at once. While they’re not totally necessary or possible for everyone to have, they’re still pretty handy if you have the space.

This double vanity is so sleek, with its beautiful marble counters and backsplash, and its bronze faucets that come out of the wall.

It also has a few little storage alcoves that are handy for holding little towels and facecloths, in addition to the immense amount of storage it already has. It’s just so pretty, and it works perfectly in that space.


Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Design

Funky Junk Interiors

We definitely would have never thought to put licence plates on a bathroom vanity, and yet this somehow works so well! The rustic look of the plates and the square-shaped vessel sink on top give the vanity a distinctly farmhouse feel. The chrome tap and sleek dark drawers keep it a bit more contemporary.

This whole thing just looks so cool, and it’s definitely a unique way to incorporate that farmhouse look into the bathroom. The extra licence plate tucked behind the sink like that gives it just a bit more decoration, and we couldn’t be any more impressed by the whole thing.


Gray Modern Bathroom Vanity Design

Bitterroot DIY

Just like on a kitchen cabinet, shaker-style doors look really good and timeless on a bathroom vanity. The sleek gray color of this vanity has just a hint of green in it. Paired with the smooth, black hardware and the porcelain top, it feels distinctly modern, all while remaining a bit traditional as well.

It’s a really good size for a vanity too; it has enough space to store what you need, but it doesn’t take up to much of the real estate in the room.


Space-Saving Small Bathroom Vanity Design

Not every bathroom has room for a huge double vanity that takes up an entire wall, but that doesn’t mean that these smaller bathrooms can’t still have vanities. Sometimes, you just have to think small, and install a vanity like this one.

The sink is a good size, and there’s definitely still enough room underneath for some cleaning supplies or a few towels. And the deep blue color looks really good with the rest of the space.

This is a really great idea for a powder room or any tiny bathroom that doesn’t look like it has enough space to support a vanity. 


Vintage Double Bathroom Vanity Design

Bless'er House

This is definitely a really cute and rustic take on the double vanity. Though it does take a bit of work and know-how, it’s definitely possible to upcycle an old dresser into a functioning bathroom vanity.

The fact that this one has two sinks means it probably took a lot of hard work, but the wooden counter and shallow vessel sinks look like they were always a part of that dresser’s design.

If you’re savvy when it comes to DIY and love the way rustic furniture looks, this bathroom vanity design idea could definitely act as inspiration for your next DIY project.


Small Wooden Bathroom Vanity

This simple wooden vanity may be small, but it still has quite a bit of storage. It’s really amazing what you can do with limited space, and this is definitely no exception.

Not only does it provide enough space for storage, but it’s also just stunning. That wood looks super sturdy, so it probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And it really matches the white wainscoting and slate floor tiles surprisingly well. It’s such a cute little vanity that does what it needs to and more.


Sleek Blue Bathroom Vanity Design

The DIY Playbook

Dark blue cabinetry doesn’t just look good in kitchens; it really makes a statement in the bathroom, too. A nice, blue vanity like this one is a great way to incorporate some color into the bathroom, while staying trendy and keeping the room looking bright.

The combination of blue and white is classic, and you can definitely see how well it works in this space. The blue vanity with the white counter, up against the white wall, is absolutely perfect. It’s a really simple concept, but sometimes it’s the simplest bathroom vanity design ideas that are the most effective. 


Bathroom Vanity With Marble Countertop

DIY Show Off

Just like with blue and white, black and white is a really great color combination. This black vanity contrasts the white and light tones of this bathroom so well, and the marble countertop couldn’t be any prettier.

It really goes well with the marble effect on the floor tiles, which seem like they’d just have to be paired with black regardless. And of course, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel hardware.

All in all, this vanity helps the entire bathroom feel so much more inviting, which is what we all want for our own bathrooms. 


White Bathroom Vanity

Jenna Sue Design

White walls in a bathroom always look good. And you know what? White vanities look good, too. The white drawers of this vanity go really well with the off-white countertop, and the whole thing looks so striking against the green walls.

What’s really interesting about this bathroom vanity design idea is the way the black faucet actually contrasts the bronze hardware on the drawers, and yet it all works so well together.

As it turns out, you don’t have to be afraid to mix and match different tones when it comes to hardware and accenting. A little creativity goes a long way.