Bathroom shower subway tile

13 Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

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Christa Grover

Bathroom shower tile designs combine function with style in a room that’s become more than the room where you do your business. They’re a place to pamper, relax, and escape from stress.

The right design complements your home and fits with your vision of what real relaxation feels like. Get some inspiration from styles that range from classic and subdued to bold and colorful. 


Blue Bathroom Shower Tiles

Bence Balla-Schottner

Blue’s connection with water makes it a natural choice for the shower. Stunning blues feel cool, peaceful, and calm. Shades that mimic nature help calm the mind.

Add airiness with light hues; add mood with dark navies. Keep the tile size in mind too.

If you want colorful but classic, subway tile balances the design scales. However, change the tile pattern, size, or pick blue mosaic tiles to make a bolder statement. 


Patterned Shower Tile Ideas

Andrea Davis

Patterned tiles become a bathroom focal point. This swirling patterned tile gets balanced with classic white subway tile on the other wall.

Create movement with patterned tile and add visual interest that definitely makes you want to leave the curtain open.

Patterned tiles come in subtle designs or bold and adventurous. Patterns may be modern and geometric or antique with flourishes that add depth of character.


White And Black Bathroom Shower Wall Tile

Christa Grover

Black and white combine into one of the safest color palettes around. However, the two colors create a contrast that can bring out the best features of this design.

This bathroom’s black grout highlights the herringbone shower tile design. It’s subtle, yet beautiful and attention-grabbing.


Penny Tile Shower Ideas

Christa Grover

Penny tile is making a comeback everywhere, from kitchen backsplashes to the shower.

It’s traditionally been used in public restrooms, but it adds a fun design element in private homes, too.

These beautiful blue penny tiles add movement and color that complements the larger, gray tile. It acts as a bright focal point easily seen through clear glass doors.


Natural Stone Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Shawn Ang

Natural stone just feels...natural in the bathroom. The color, texture, and shimmer when they’re wet create that feeling of a babbling brook in the bathroom.

The differences in color of each tile creates a personality that’s unique to every shower, and a warmth you can’t get with shiny subway tiles.

While natural stone tiles might take some extra maintenance, they bring the outdoors into the bathroom.


Mosaic Bathroom Shower Tile

Michal Balog

Mosaic tiles are on the comeback tour too. You can still use the traditional flat tiles in an array of colors, but you have far more options than you once did.

Mosaics now feature sparkling glass tiles in a rainbow of colors, hexagon tiles, modular designs with mixed tile sizes, and even mosaics that blend bright colors with multiple shades of a neutral like gray.

Mosaic tiles add life, color, and drama to an otherwise boring shower. 


Moroccan Fish Scale Bathroom Tile Design

Terry magallanes

Moroccan fish scale tiles are a beautiful addition to the bathroom. This bathroom features fish scale tiles in a white that prevents them from competing with the mix of tiles on the floor.

However, fish scale tiles come in a full range of colors, including shimmering blues and greens that almost hint at mermaid(ish) inspiration. They can act as the bathroom’s centerpiece or, as in this bathroom, a complimentary neutral.


Pebbled Floor Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


If you’re going for a natural, forestry kind of shower, pebble tiles on the floor will feel like you're standing in a waterfall.

Pebbled tiles are designed to look natural, so you don’t necessarily find them in bright colors — think naturals like gray, brown, and black.

They pair beautifully with more traditional tiles, adding texture and a sense of movement to the shower.


Dark And Dreamy Bathroom Shower Tile Designs


This photo may show a tub, but the tile design makes for a dramatic shower, too. Scale plays a big role in the opulence of a room.

Large tiles definitely say luxury because they are usually suited for an equally large space.

Color matters too. You can go light and airy, but don’t discount dark colors just yet. Darker colors can make a large bathroom feel more intimate and inviting.


Mixed Stone Bathroom Shower Tile

Anne Nygård

Mixed stone brings the feel of the rainforest, a waterfall, or other natural water elements. Their texture and colors are inherently warm and welcoming.

This design features a stripe of natural stone tiles in contrast to the bright white around it. That touch of nature keeps the bathroom from feeling cold and institutional.

Natural stone looks stunning in different scales and tones and on walls or floors to create an organic, raw aesthetic. 


White On White Tile Bathroom Shower

La Miko

Classic white on white looks fresh and clean. It’s the perfect color combination to brighten and enlarge a small bathroom.

When you’re thinking white, look at other ways to add dimension and personality. Pair white fish scale tiles with white mosaic tiles, or step out of the box with a both textural tile.

A simple color scheme also gives you the freedom to play with tile size, so don't be afraid to mix and match.


Marble Slab Bathroom Shower Wall Tile


It’s hard to beat the sophistication of marble with its instant glamour and luxury. Whether you splurge on real marble or opt for a faux tile, marble hints back to a classic Roman baths enjoyed only by the elite.

This design mixes well in a modern bathroom with fun hexagon bathroom floor tiles, showing how you can use marble in a small space for big impact.

If you choose marble, seriously consider a glass shower door so the marble can take center stage.


Faux Stone Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Max Vakhtbovych

Ceramic tiles come in faux stone designs like marble, slate, and granite. They give you the easy care, water resistance, and durability of ceramic with the look of a natural stone.

Use them throughout the entire bathroom, as in this example, or keep them in the shower as a focal point.


Mosaic Tile With A Twist

Christa Grover

Mosaic tile gets another spot on our list in this slate design. The unusual tile size mixed with the natural variation of the slate looks absolutely stunning.

There’s a warmth and vibrancy that creates a sense of luxurious movement, too. The colors are fun and exciting, but at the same time, the dark tones welcome you to the shower. 

This is the perfect example of using every aspect of the tile — shape, size, and material — to create a one-of-a-kind look.