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11 Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

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Chastity Cortijo

Like everything in a bathroom, the shower is essential. As long as you can have an enclosed area that doesn’t leak and provides you with water to clean off the day’s dirt and grime, you’re already halfway there.

But why stop at a shower that just does what it’s supposed to do? Why not try to make your shower the most beautiful shower in the world? If you’re in need of inspiration for your shower makeover, look no further.

In this list, you’ll find so many amazing bathroom shower design ideas that will get you well on your way to that perfect shower. 


Large Bathroom Shower With Tub Design

We can’t be the only ones impressed with the fact that there’s a full bathtub inside of this shower. This is seriously such a cool idea, and a really great way to utilize space.

Of course, this could have been one huge shower all on its own, but we appreciate the fact that the option to bathe is still there.

On top of all that, the dark floor tiles paired with the lighter marble wall tiles gives the whole thing a really modern feel, and the glass pane and door really work in its favor, too. It’s such a cool, cohesive space.


Bathroom Shower Enclosure With Marble Tiles

If you’re going to go for a shower stall, having a built-in bench is the way to go. And the fact that the glass panel cuts around the bench is so cool; it really makes the shower feel finished.

Additionally, the stunning marble tiles along the shower wall match the ones on the floor in the bathroom proper, which is a really nice touch overall.

The bronze hardware makes the whole thing feel modern, while still maintaining a bit of a rustic flair. The whole thing is so well done, if we had the chance to shower here, we’d probably never leave.


Bright Glass Bathroom Shower Design

Avanti Morocha

There’s something really cool about the way that this shower was built into the end of the bathtub that sits next to it. And there’s something even cooler about the way the tile extends from the shower walls to continue along the outer edge of the bathtub.

The whole thing really feels like one unit, even though it’s clearly two separate pieces. This is a really great example of a bathroom shower design ideas that leaves no space wasted in between the shower and tub.


Small Pink Bathroom Shower Design

There’s really no wrong way to use pink, is there? Well, if there is, we haven’t found it yet. The pink floor tiles in this bathroom and shower stall look so pretty, but they’re also not too bright or overpowering.

They complement the subtle herringbone pattern of the wall tiles really nicely, again without overpowering them. Just like one would use black or dark blue tiles, these pink floor tiles seem absolutely perfect in there. Pink should definitely be used in more bathroom shower design ideas.


Small Open Shower Design

Some super small bathrooms are essentially just a shower with a sink and toilet. And while that’s a really good space-saving trick, it can make the rest of the bathroom a little bit wet.

Though this bathroom shower doesn’t have a transition between its floor and the rest of the bathroom, it still uses a curtain to help separate the space a little bit and keep water from going everywhere.

It’s a really great way to keep things clean but also allow anyone who uses the shower to have enough room. And it just looks really pretty.


Small Black And White Bathroom Shower

Like any other small shower, this one does exactly what it needs to, but it does that fabulously, with those beautiful black and white tiles. The white subway tiles look really clean, but the black grout gives a bit of a vintage feel to them too.

And the accent wall that perfectly matches the tiles on the floor is a great way to tie the bathroom shower design idea together. This is such a great idea for making a small space look and feel interesting, rather than cramped. 


Beautifully Tiled Bathroom Shower

We are seriously obsessed with the tiles used in this shower. The marble effect on the subway tiles makes the whole space feel large, while giving it a little bit of texture. The honeycomb floor tiles that repeat in the larger alcove is stunning.

Also, the fact that this shower has a little alcove closer to the ground, perfect for storing shaving razors, is a really neat and unique touch. This shower really just looks high end and luxurious. 


Small Gray Bathroom Shower

This is another shower that has really beautiful and interesting tiles. We don’t see square wall tiles as often anymore, but when we do, they usually look super cool. And this shower is definitely no exception.

This whole shower seems so tall, and though it’s in an alcove, it feels more spacious too. The whole thing looks really nice with the floor tiles and the linens alcove. It’s a great way to show how to balance shower space with storage space. 


Bathtub And Shower Bathroom Design

Though some of us are lucky enough to have a separate bathtub and shower, it’s definitely not uncommon to find combination tubs and showers out there. They can still look amazing; you just have to dress them up well.

This tub/shower combo looks so cute and cozy with those white subway tiles, that wooden bath tray, and the planks adorning the tub’s exterior. It goes to show you that you don’t need to have a separate shower stall to have a nice shower. 


Bathroom Shower With Tiled Interior

This shower is really well-done. It uses not one, not two, but three different tiles, each working so well with the others. The incredible long series of alcoves has as much room as you’d ever need, all without having to add in a caddy.

And the tiny tiles somehow match the tiles on the shower floor perfectly. This whole thing is really incredible.


Modern Open Bathroom Shower Design

Everything about this bathroom feels so open. The fact that the tiles are continuous along the floors and walls makes the space feel cohesive, all without making the entire bathroom look too closed off.

It’s definitely a great modern bathroom shower design idea for anyone who’s into that kind of style.