herringbone bathroom remodel

10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Young House Love

Is your bathroom itching for a remodel? If you’re ready to scratch that itch but you’re not sure how or where to scratch, here's some inspo to help you find the perfect bathroom remodel idea. 

Bathrooms aren’t just a place to do your "business" anymore. They’re a spa where you don't need an appointment — a place to escape and pamper yourself.

Whether your style leans toward whimsy or contemporary, we’ve found some bathroom remodels that will make you want to start pulling out tile and breaking down walls. You’ll find inspiration and ideas to motivate you on your way to the perfect home retreat.


Whimsical Bathroom Design With Wallpaper

Wallpaper lets you add whimsy, sophistication, or mystery to any room.

In the case of this bold bathroom design idea, the fun black and white animal print on the walls allows the bold red vanity to pop.


Vanity Makes A Difference 


Sometimes the vanity makes all the difference. That and a gorgeous ceiling remodel, too. This bathroom remodel focused on replacing an outdated vanity with one that offered more counter and storage space.

The deep turquoise replacement becomes a beautiful focal point of the finished bathroom. However, it’s the plank ceiling that steals the show. It takes this bathroom from functional to extraordinary.


Let The Floor Shine

Usually, the walls get the most color while the bathroom floor stays fairly neutral. However, this remodel threw that notion out the window.

The colorful mosaic turns the floor into the perfect focal point.


The Re-Mastered Bathroom

Ronda from Batchelors Way

En suite bathrooms are the ultimate escape. Mostly because they’re least likely to have traffic, so you can get some privacy. This gorgeous remodel has a soothing white and aqua color scheme that feels fresh and new but lets the mind and body relax.

The double vanity adds some luxurious details and leaves plenty of room for two. We love the trim above the vanity mirrors. They define the space and set it apart from the average bathroom.


Hello Subway Tile

The DIY Playbook

Subway tile is a bathroom classic. It’s clean, functional, and blends well with different design styles. Subway tile can also easily make a bathroom cold and boring.

However, the right mix of rich gray and a patterned floor tile keeps this example warm and welcoming. Black fixtures complete the monochromatic look.


A Herringbone Shower

Young House Love

If classic subway tile isn’t your style, why not step outside the realm of classic and change up the tile pattern. This remodel features neutral gray and white with touches of pink.

However, it’s the shower that grabs the eye and doesn’t let go. The slim grey and white tiles set in a herringbone pattern demand attention, turning this bathroom into a luxurious retreat. It’s a great example of using a tile pattern as a focal point and keeping the rest of the bathroom clean and simple. 


Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

Tiny bathrooms have a charm all their own. If you’ve got a small space that’s aching for an upgrade, but have no idea how to solve the storage issue, here's a great example.

Floating wood shelves above the toilet take up far less visual space than one of those boxy shelve units sold in stores, and an extra board cleverly adds another shelf on the toilet tank.

The light woods keep the room feeling spacious, too.


Professional, But Cozy

Lindi and Russell
Love Create Celebrate

Public bathrooms often feel cold and impersonal but not in this hair salon. The black wainscoting brings the walls inward, so the space feels more personal, inviting, and private.

Black, navy, and deep greens in the bathroom turn a white sterile bathroom into a moody retreat. If you’ve got a spacious bathroom that’s swallowing you whole, dark colors are a great way to warm the space and give it an intimate air. 


A Vintage Blush

The Sweet Beast

You don’t have to tear the bathroom apart to end up with a stunning remodel. This 1920s bathroom upgrade kept the design elements unique to the house, like the tile and windows.

The blush pink walls walk the boundary between vintage and modern, staying true to the house’s origins but accentuating the bathroom’s natural character. The color upgrade made a huge difference, but it’s not the only improvement. Pairing down the visual clutter and opening under the sink makes the room feel larger too. 


Clean And Cool

Clean, cool, and contemporary are the perfect combination for a beautiful but neutral bathroom.

Colors like pink, blue, and green in the palest of shades can act as a neutral without being boring. They’re a perfect choice in a space that you want to feel open and airy.