A large, white bathroom.

7 Bathroom Layout Designs

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It’s pretty safe to say that no two bathrooms are the same. Even if they have the same paint color, tile, and decor, they could have totally different layouts. Any good bathroom design will take the layout into account.

Maybe you have a big, square shaped bathroom, or maybe your bathroom is an irregular shape. Maybe you have a small one with limited space. Each of these options can really impact what you put in your bathroom and how you decorate it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a really nice space. 

Check out these different layouts and designs. They really show how unique a bathroom can be. There is so much variation in design, and the layout plays a huge part in that too.


Small Modern 5X8 Bathroom Layout Design

This bathroom has a pretty typical 5x8 design. The vanity, toilet, and bath/shower all line up with one another on a common wall. But this bathroom still looks really unique due to all the finishes it has. Its ultra-modern aesthetic works really well within this limited space.

The gray tiles along the walls and the floor look super sleek. But that white wall bump out along the toilet and vanity section gives it a bit of airiness that keeps the whole room from looking too dark. The curved bathtub is really stunning, and the way it appears to be freestanding while also having shower attachments makes that space feel just a bit bigger.

All in all, this is a great idea for the standard 5x8 layout. It takes the basics and puts them on their head, subverting all of our expectations. This is such an awesome way to make a bathroom like this really stand out. 


Large Bathroom Layout With Wooden Accents Design

This bathroom feels like some kind of luxury spa. There’s wood pretty much everywhere: the floors, walls, vanity, and even the ceiling. The whole thing looks like a sauna that just so happens to have a bathtub and toilet in it. And honestly, that’s really cool.

The huge window at the end of the bathroom is perfect. Anyone taking a bath in there will (hopefully) have an amazing view to gaze upon as they relax. And with the calming atmosphere that this bathroom exudes, it’ll be really easy to relax in here. We wish our bathrooms looked like this one. 

The stone elements along the walls also help to make this bathroom look upscale and luxurious. This is the kind of design that would probably cost a lot to implement, though you can probably cut down on the cost with a little bit of DIY effort. 


Bathroom Layout With Shower Tucked Behind The Sink

There’s something about unique bathroom layouts and designs that really excite us. This bathroom is just so cool, not only because of the way it’s been designed, but how it’s laid out. There’s a little wall housing the vanity, and behind that is the shower. That’s just so cool!

And the blue tiles along the walls are so fetching. That floral, painted design has such a distinctive feel to it. And rather than overpower the whole room with it, it’s complemented with a nice herringbone tile that runs along the other walls. 

All of the little decor pieces, like the abundance of plants and the wooden vanity that floats along the wall, work so well in this space. It’s a little bit rustic, but incredibly contemporary. We can’t get over how amazing this design is. 


Small Bathroom Layout With Tiled Wall And Tub Design

Here is another small bathroom that’s decorated fantastically. The black and white floor tiles are so pretty. And because it’s such a small space, they don’t make the room feel too busy. And the white subway tiles along the walls and bathtub exterior are so bright and fresh.

We strangely love the fact that the vanity matches the door. That blue-gray color is so nice and trendy. And all the other accents in this bathroom (That’s a lot of plants!) tie the whole thing together. It’s true what they say, that good things come in small packages.


Wide Bathroom Layout With Blue Shower Tiles Design

This bathroom somehow teeters on the line between rustic and modern (if such a line even exists). It has all of the tells of a modern bathroom: the slate gray tiles on the floor and wall, the round, freestanding bathtub, the floating wooden vanity, and even the shower with the open panel. And yet, those blue herringbone subway tiles along the back wall of the shower tell a bit of a different story. 

There are so many sleek edges and matte black accents that make this bathroom really pop. And yet, those blue tiles remain the centerpiece of the whole room. It’s really successful in a layout like this one because of the way the bathroom is so wide. Due to that, there’s a lot more room in the back to make a really impactful accent wall that reaches both the shower and the bathtub.


Huge Bathroom Layout With Classic Design And Finishes

This looks like the kind of bathroom millionaires have in their houses. It’s absolutely massive! And all of those finishes give it such a classic feel as well. The beige tiles and paint may give off a bit of a vintage vibe, but the bathroom as a whole definitely belongs in the 21st Century.

All of that molding, and the shelving around the bathtub make the whole room feel so clean. The granite countertops are so fancy and upscale, and the fact that this bathroom has room for such a large tub AND a spacious, irregularly shaped shower, is simply impressive. 


Modern Bathroom With Bathtub And Shower Enclosure Layout

Sometimes, you don’t have room for a separate bath and shower. Other times, you have enough room to make a huge shower that has a bathtub in it. This bathroom does the latter, and it’s kind of absolutely perfect.

The fact that the floor tiles carry through the entire bathroom makes it feel like one continuous space, despite the fact that the shower has the doors that separate it from the rest of the bathroom. That bathtub shape is so nice, and really goes well with the rest of the design. And of course, the wooden vanity with the sleek white countertop is the perfect addition to this room.