A white bathroom with chrome finishes and a light brown vanity.

8 Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

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Like most rooms in our homes, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Whether it’s for getting ready for the day, taking a long shower at night, or anything in between, a lot goes on in those four walls. So it makes sense to want a bathroom that looks and feels beautiful and calming.

It can be hard to design the perfect bathroom, though. There are so many style and color possibilities that you may not know where to start.

Just by taking a look at the different bathroom interior design ideas in this list, you may be well on your way to constructing the perfect bathroom oasis.


Beautiful Green Bathroom Design

Everything in this bathroom works so well. Surprisingly well, in fact. From the vintage design on the floor tiles and the antique rug on the ground, to the green vanity and red accents, it’s such a cohesive room and a great inspiration for any future bathroom renovation.

All of the bright colors make the room look a little bit larger than it probably is, but there’s still plenty of room for a nice-sized shower in addition to the bathtub. Each component works together so well, and the whole thing is such a great idea for anyone who has this kind of room.


Clean Minimalist Bathroom Design

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Everything about this bathroom interior design idea is so clean. The pure white porcelain sinks along the wooden double vanity (complete with panel drawers that aren’t weighed down with hardware), look perfect along the white walls and the light gray floor tiles.

The bronze hardware used on the shower matches so well with all of the wood tones, and the wall sconces complete the whole look. The pop of color that the diamond floor rug provides makes so much sense in this space.

Everything amounts to a cohesive design that doesn’t stray from its minimalist inspiration. It’s really a great room to show off this design idea, and if you’re into minimalist white rooms with cleverly-placed color accents, then you’ll probably find a lot of inspiration from this room.


Sleek Modern Bathroom Interior

The clean, sleek look of this all white bathroom is what we envision when we hear the word “modern.” All of the straight lines and rectangular shapes — the window, bathtub, shower, and even the vanity and mirror — gives the room a bit of an industrial feel without making it seem overly harsh or intense.

However, there are still some softer, curved lines in other places, like on the toilet or within the double sinks. And speaking of that vanity, how cool is it that it floats like that? There’s something about a floating vanity that just screams “modern.”

The fact that everything is white with little variation isn’t really boring; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is such an amazing bathroom interior design idea for anyone who’s in love with modern styles.


Small Bathroom Interior

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We can all dream, but we can’t all make our bathrooms any bigger than they are. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. As long as there’s enough room to do everything you’d need to do in the bathroom, you don’t need it to be large.

There’s nothing wrong with working with the space you have, and if you know what you’re doing, you can make your bathroom shine.

Take this example: The use of white makes the entire room look more spacious, and the dark blue along the door, rug, and planters makes the room feel cozier. And that dark wooden vanity looks like it belongs perfectly in that space. 


Farmhouse-Style Bathroom Interior With Separate Bathtub And Shower

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This bathroom feels infinite, and although it’s decorated in a farmhouse style, the design seems really versatile. There are a lot of design elements that would fit in with any kind of style. The clawfoot tub, for instance, would look good in many spaces, and the subway tiles along the shower stall too. 

The most distinctly farmhouse element in this room has to be the wooden planks along the ceiling; it may be hard to match that ceiling to any non-farmhouse bathroom. It’s such a great idea for a bathroom, giving it a lot of intrigue. You probably won’t find many bathrooms with a ceiling like that.


Small Modern Bathroom Design

Although it can be tempting to conflate “modern” with “large and luxurious,” that doesn’t have to be the case. There are all sorts of modern rooms that are teeny tiny, but still beautiful and functional. Like this example.

It has gray, concrete-like elements to ground it, but makes good use of white and wood tones to keep it from looking too dark and closed in. The lit-up mirror is a nice touch as well, and it’s height makes the ceilings feel very tall. The fact that a shower was fit into this space shows that every square inch is used to look as fashionable as it is functional.


Cute Bathroom Interior With Floor To Ceiling Wall Tiles

This bathroom is so cute in a way that we didn’t think was possible for such a space. The vanity is pink! And along with other pink accents scattered about the room, it provides a really nice contrast to the black and the white tiles and the hardware.

This is a great bathroom interior design idea for anyone who isn’t afraid to experiment with color while mixing vintage and modern elements. And for anyone who loves to put as many plants as possible, in as many rooms as possible.


Unconventional Bathroom Interior Design

Thistlewood Farms

This bathroom feels so bright and calming, it almost makes us want to hop in that tub and take a nice, long bath. Hardwood floors in the bathroom aren't a super conventional design element, but as long as they’re sealed properly, they can work. And they definitely work in here.

While the sink isn’t attached to a full vanity, there are still plenty of storage options for all of the linens and other bathroom items you may need.

This example does a really good job of combining traditional elements with unconventional ones, and definitely has some inspiration for people who like to think outside of the box.