Large bathroom floor tiles

13 Bathroom Floor Tiles Designs

Originally contributed by Stacey Nash • last updated 5/3/2021

The bathroom floor goes through heavy, wet use, so functionality reigns supreme. You definitely can’t slap down carpet or hardwood where standing water is an issue.

Tile remains one of the most popular options mostly because bathroom floor tile design can offer the water-resistance and durability you need — and it looks good doing it. 


Patterned Bathroom Floor Tile

Bence Balla-Schottner

Patterned bathroom floor tile works with brights, neutrals, or pastels. You can also mix and match the floor tile with a complementary patterned wall or shower tile. 

Patterned floor tile lets you spice up the bathroom, but still keeps the overall look clean and simple. In this bathroom, the tile gives the neutral color palette character.


Faux Wood Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Victoria Borodinova

Hardwood looks beautiful, but it’s too easily damaged in the bathroom to be a practical flooring choice. These days, ceramic tiles are made to mimic many materials that are otherwise too delicate for the bathroom’s moisture and humidity.

Faux wood floor tiles exude the same warmth and feel of real wood but with the durability for heavy (wet) use. They’re made to look like everything from weathered gray planks to warm oaks and maples. You can also choose wide or narrow, short or long, planks to maintain the illusion of wood. 


Black Bathroom Floor Tiles

Arley Bateca

Black hides stains and brings a cozy warmth to the bathroom. These gorgeous black tile planks create a stunning foundation for a bathroom that’s decked out with marble slab walls and a floating vanity.

You can play with the tile size and shape to add dimension in your own space. Black also gives you the option of grounding a large space or warming a small one, creating options for bathrooms of all sizes. 


Blue Bathroom Floor Tiles

Quang Nguyen Vinh

Blue — the color of water — just seems to belong in the bathroom. Pale shades of aqua and turquoise can leave the space feeling light and airy, or you can add a sense of drama with darker shades.

This bathroom’s large blue tile creates a spectacular contrast with the warm-toned walls. Image yourself relaxing in the freestanding tub as you float on an ocean of blue. 


Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile Design


Tile shapes go well beyond squares and rectangles. Hexagon tiles burst onto the tile scene to critical acclaim. Their shape adds dimension and brings a sense of fun and whimsy.

This hexagon tile pairs beautifully with a standard subway tile around the tub. Don’t be afraid to play with size, either. Hexagon tiles come in sizes as small as penny tile or large ten-inch tiles that make a serious statement in an equally spacious bathroom. 


Matchy, Matchy Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas


If you’re going to match the wall and floor tile, go big or go home. This gorgeous, faux stone tile does nothing but add sophistication and luxury to this bathroom.

The matching tile unifies the space, creating a welcoming hug as you enter. When matching, make sure the tile’s scale fits the room. This large tile doesn’t overpower the large bathroom, but would make a small space feel smaller.


Faux Stone Bathroom Floor Tile

Obi Onyeador

Faux stone bathroom floor tiles are made to mimic slate, marble, and pretty much any other natural stone. This tile walks the line between weathered wood and stone, and that’s the beauty of faux looks. They can create a feel you don’t actually find in nature, yet they still look natural (and stunning).


Marble Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas


Marble says luxury, whether it’s on the counter, walls, or floor. Marble takes more care than a ceramic tile, but its water resistance, natural veining, and durability are worth the splurge.

This beautiful marble floor pairs well with the faux stone walls and island bathroom sink. Using marble tiles in one area like the floor or shower is a great way to save money but still get marble’s sophistication.


Dark And Warm Bathroom Floor Tiles

Max Vakhtbovych

If this color palette wasn’t in the bathroom, we’d say it was delicious. The warm, dark floors perfectly accentuate the light, cotton candy pink wall tiles.

Tile floors with warm undertones instantly warm a big, cold bathroom, instantly making it feel intimate and inviting. They pair well with stark whites or happy pastels (including pink). 


Mixed Faux Wood And Stone

Max Vakhtbovych

This bathroom is the perfect example of a mix and match gone right. The faux wood tiles bring warmth and help this large bathroom feel more intimate. The faux marble stripe on the floor, wall, and vanity puts a modern edge to an otherwise old-school look. This bathroom stands as a witness that you can mix and match faux tile designs with impressive success. If you’re mixing and matching, think about what you want the tile to do. You can use a mix of tiles to fix a room’s weakness or accentuate the features that make it unique.


Large Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

Max Vakhtbovych

This is an example of large tiles that fit the grand scale of the bathroom space. If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, definitely consider large floor tiles.

You can add more dimension and visual interest by using a different grout color, too. For example, white grout with black tile makes the layout stand out. You can also use grout to tie the floor tile into the walls or vanity color palette. 


Black And White Bathroom Floor Tiles

Hédi Benyounes

Black and white can look classic, vintage, or even modern. This black and white tile’s checkerboard layout gives it a retro feel that’s fun and playful. A black and white motif in faux stone would create a completely different feel.

You really can’t go wrong with these two staple colors. When choosing the tile, think about the feeling you want to create as you’re debating the size, scale, and texture of the tile. 


White Bathroom Floor Tile

Jean van der Meulen

White gives the bathroom a clean freshness like no other color. This bathroom’s white slab tile looks high-end and stunning as the color covers every surface. The eye keeps moving from floor to wall to tub to floor again, opening the space until it feels expansive.

Large-scale white tile says luxury, but white can also be classic if you stick to subway or penny tiles. Looking for something more playful? White hexagon tiles might be more to your taste.