A bathroom with a gray vanity, a separate shower and bathtub, and black and white tiled floors.

8 Bathroom Designs For Your Home

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The DIY Playbook
The DIY Playbook

So the time has come for you to redesign your bathroom. Whether you’re tired of your old look, or you’ve moved into an incredibly dated house, you’re going to need some inspiration for your next bathroom remodel. There’s a lot that goes into designing one, after all.

You have to worry about paint, tiles, vanities, and accents. You need to come up with something that feels cohesive, and probably goes with the style of the rest of the house. There are so many things to consider that you’ll definitely need to look at other bathrooms to see what you want to do.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a great list of inspirational bathroom designs for your home. Check these out and find ideas for your dream bathroom.


Black And White Rustic Bathroom Design For Your Home

Black and white rooms are pretty trendy right now. But implementing a black and white color scheme doesn’t just mean having white walls and checkered floors. There’s a lot you can do with those two simple shades. 

Black paint and white tiles work really well, for instance. And a white bathtub with a black exterior is going to be really striking in a bathroom. Being able to have a double vanity in your bathroom may not necessarily be possible, but any kind of vanity that fits the theme the way this one does will still work out well. 

And of course, black and white tiles are still a big deal. Getting those painted square tiles in a black and white design will really work out for a bathroom like this. Everything fits the theme, but nothing feels like it’s too much. It’s all so perfectly balanced, and would look great in any home.


Spacious Bathroom With Bright Colors And Tiles

Thistlewood Farms

If your bathroom happens to have good windows, then you may want to consider capitalizing on that natural light. Having something that feels bright and airy will make really good use of all of the natural light in the space. A bathroom like this one, for example, definitely wouldn’t need any lights on during the day.

Those super light, subtly colored walls make this entire space feel massive (and probably a lot bigger than it actually is). Those little circular floor tiles aren’t too busy, and bring the whole space together. And of course, the double vanity in this space is a really great use of the far end. If you can fit a double vanity in your home, you may want to do so, since they really come in handy. 


Contemporary Home Bathroom Design Idea

The DIY Playbook

This bathroom is so fresh and simple. Everything blends in together so well. The subtle, off-white color on the walls gives the room just enough color, but still allows all of the other accents in the room to really pop.

That huge double vanity is a really nice focal point for the room, and those black and white floor tiles are another really good take on the style. The fact that they are mainly black, with a bit of white to create the flower designs, isn’t usually what we see.

All in all, this bathroom has a pretty simple concept, but great execution. It seems like the kind of idea that’s feasible for any DIYer to do. It’s the perfect kind of design to compliment any home. 


Spacious Master Bathroom Home Design

Though the guest/kids’ bathroom in a house may be on the smaller side, the master bath generally has a bit more space to work with. This master bathroom really shows how to use that space to create something functional and stunning. 

Those light blue-gray tiles on the ground give the room just a little bit of texture. And they really go great with that dark brown vanity, which has so much storage space to boot. The paneling on the bathtub is another really nice touch. Also, it’s a corner tub. And who doesn’t love a corner tub?

This is a really great master bath design because it’s once again fairly simple, yet super effective. It’s the kind of bathroom that anyone could put together. You don’t need a ton of skill for this kind of transformation.


Beautiful Bathroom With Double Vanity Design

At Home In Love

This bathroom is simply stunning. The blue vanity has a bit of a farmhouse feel to it, all while remaining distinctly modern. And the fact that the bath and shower are separate is an added bonus (if you look closely in the mirror, you can see the shower head). 

It’s definitely not the biggest bathroom out there (though it probably isn’t the smallest). But it does have a really nice feel to it. It makes really good use of all the space in there, and does so in style. 


Bathroom With Separate Vanities Home Design

What’s better than a double vanity? Two separate vanities, that’s what. If you can swing the plumbing, this is a really cool and unique way to create a separation of space in a bathroom. And with just enough room for a tub, it works really well.

This is probably a good idea for those of us with larger bathrooms. But it’s still really stunning and eye-catching. It feels almost like two separate areas rather than one large area, but that actually works out well. It’s just such a fantastic use of space. 


Smaller Bathroom With Hardwood Floor Design

This bathroom is really good at maximizing space. It has a vanity that gets a little more shallow next to the basin area to save on space, which gives it kind of a cool design. And the shower is just big enough to use comfortably, but doesn’t take up the whole room either.

And those floors. Whoever said hardwood floors don’t belong in a bathroom was dead wrong. Those floors really add to the whole design of the room. This is such good inspiration for anyone who has a smaller bathroom.


Small Home Bathroom With Modern Design

This bathroom is so sleek and modern. It has all the black, white, and gray tones that any modern styled room would need, but does so without making the space feel too small or anything. And those laminate floor panels are really nice.

This is a really great design idea for a bathroom that’s on the smaller side. It could be great for the guest bathroom, or even a smaller master. And it would look super nice in any modern home.