A black-and-white themed baby nursery.

8 Baby Room Paint Ideas

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Homey Oh My
Homey Oh My

There are plenty of joys of having a baby. One of those is being able to decorate a nursery for them (Among other things, but who doesn’t love an opportunity to design a whole room?). But you are faced with an important decision: what color should you paint the nursery?

Beyond the typical “pink for girls, blue for boys” baby rooms we see so often, there are a lot of colors you can use. You could give your child’s nursery a look that’s totally different from the rest of the house. Or, you could design it to blend in with your home’s style. Whatever you choose, remember that your baby probably isn’t going to care that much, so it’ll be up to you.

If you’re feeling stuck, check out these baby room paint color inspirations. There are plenty of ideas out there that could help you find the perfect paint. 


Pink And Green Baby Girl Room Paint Idea

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This baby room is absolutely adorable. It’s a really fun take on the familiar pink that’s become a staple in nurseries for baby girls. The addition of the green painted molding makes the whole room feel really sophisticated, not just for babies. It’s the kind of room a kid could grow into.

The pink and green that have been chosen work so well together. Rather than looking like a watermelon (which would honestly probably be cute too), a soft, pale pink is paired with a green that has hints of blue and gray in it. That’s probably why it feels a bit more grown up and a bit less childish. Either way, this is the kind of room you’d probably want to show off to everyone you know.


Baby Boy Room With Blue Molding Accent Wall Paint Idea

This baby room would be such a great design for any child. It has that beautiful blue molding — a color we generally associate with boys — but it feels like it would work really well in a girl’s room, too. The fresh, white walls are almost like a blank canvas, which would be good for when that baby grows up and wants to paint their room themselves.

The white and blue-gray that adorns the accent molding also create such a fresh, relaxing atmosphere. You may find yourself falling asleep when rocking your baby in a room like this!


Unisex Baby Room With Neutral Wall Paint

If you prefer not to make your baby’s nursery feel overly gendered (Which you can totally do if you want!) then you could try your hand at a nice, neutral color. The earthy green tone along this room’s walls is a nice balance of soft and vibrant. Along with the rest of the decor, it makes for a really calming room. Any baby will sleep like a log in a room like this.

And again, it’s a really nice, mature color that could age with your child. It’s not too grown up that it would look bad with kids’ furniture. But it’s also not overly childish, so it would work with a lot of different styles. And really, if your kid grows up to resent the color, you can always repaint the room.


Soft, Beachy Baby Room Wall Paint Idea

Blues and pinks are definitely popular choices for nurseries. And even if you decide you want to go with one of those classic colors, you still have a lot of tones to play around with. The blue that’s along the wall in this baby room is a great example of how to use the color in a really unique way.

Rather than be a standard baby’s room, this room feels very fresh and sophisticated. The soft blue on the wall has a hint of green to it, which gives the room an overall beachy vibe. And yet, it still feels comfy and safe, just as a nursery should. This color would make perfect sense in any baby’s room, regardless of gender.


Gender Neutral Earth Tone Baby Room Paint Color

This baby room isn’t just gender neutral, it’s neutral-neutral. The earthy tones on the walls and all over the decor make this room feel super vintage. It’s like staring at an old sepia photo from 50 years ago. All of the wicker, wood, linen, and macrame make the room feel really rustic, giving it an almost hippie-like vibe. 

This is the kind of idea you’d go for if you have a very specific vision for your house already. And the best part is, you can decorate a room like this before you even know the gender of your baby, since it’s so neutral.


White, Unisex Baby Room Paint Idea

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This is another really good, neutral paint idea for your baby’s nursery. In fact, it’s just completely white! A room like this is the perfect blank canvas for your baby to grow into. Eventually, your kid will want to paint their room in their own way, and having white walls will make that go a bit smoother.

And even if your baby’s room’s walls are white, you can still do so much with the decor. You could experiment with different color molding, or use bold furniture accents to tell a story in that space. Until that kid is old enough to care about their room, the decisions are entirely up to you.


Fun, Earthy Baby Room Wall Pant Color

There’s no doubt that this baby room is very neutral and earthy. But it’s also somehow really fun. It could be the abundance of toys in that room that match the color really well. Or it could be the fact that, as neutral as it is, this tone of paint is still really soft and pleasing to the eyes. 

This kind of nursery would look really nice in a minimalist home. Though the room itself does have a lot going on, there’s a clean air of minimalism that carries throughout. It’s all in all really nice. 


Baby Room With Bold Blue Accent Wall Paint Idea

A bold accent wall can work in literally any room. That’s right, even in a baby’s room. This nursery is a great example of how accent walls make everything better. And with a trendy deep blue like this one, it’s the kind of room you can’t help but love. 

Despite being such a bold accent, the room still feels like a nursery. It’s not overly mature or grown up. And though it’s blue, it could work well for a baby boy or a baby girl.