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9 Awesome DIY Projects Done By Some Creative Minds

Originally contributed by • last updated 1/22/2021

Kelvyn Ornettte Sol Marte

To some people, creativity comes easy. Drawing inspiration from our everyday lives can lead to some pretty inventive solutions to problems, or even innovative ways to transform our living spaces. A little creativity goes a long way.

Thanks to the internet, creative thinkers are able to constantly show us new ways to think of furniture, household items, landscaping, and much more. For those of us who need a bit of inspiration to get going, looking up what other people have created is a great way to find new ideas. Even if you don’t copy what someone else has done, just taking a look at all the creative things the world has to offer may help you see certain projects in a new light. This list will ­show off some of the best and most creative DIY crafts the internet has to offer. So, take a look at what these Reddit users have been up to. 


Before And After Van Transformation


Looking at the back of an old van, it may be hard to see the potential it holds. But with some hard work and dedication, you can turn the back of a van into a stylish and comfortable living space. And because it’s attached to a vehicle, that can only mean one thing: road trips. Traveling around the continent in style like this just can’t be beat. A transformation like this is well worth the effort.


Honeycomb-Shaped Garden Trellis


Bees are great. Gardens are great. Making a pollinator garden for bees? Even better. This reddit user completed the look by adding a honeycomb-shaped trellis for any of those climbing or hanging plants. It’s such a fun and inventive idea and a great way to say “yes, bees are welcome here.” And while the bees probably won’t notice or care, you’ll know, and that’s what’s most important. 

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of geometric shapes, you’ll probably love a trellis like this. A very inspiring piece indeed.


Giant Pencil Stool


This Reddit user made a stool in the shape of giant pencils for his girlfriend, who happens to be a teacher. This would be the perfect seat to do some grading, or thinking up lesson plans, or any other work a teacher would have to do. A stool like this is definitely a creative way to show the teacher in your life that you care. 

And honestly, the concept is just so fun. Why stop at just pencils? You could probably make a stool that looks like any office or school supply, large versions of household objects, or really anything you could think of. The possibilities are endless.


DIY Kids Playhouse


This dad spent over two months putting together a playhouse for his kids after being let go from his job. With very little construction experience, he actually ended up doing an incredible job. This just goes to show you that anyone can get creative and crafty and make amazing things.

Sadly, there are no plans that come with this post. But the craftsmanship and care put into all the finishes are perfectly wonderful inspiration all on their own.


Handmade Baby Bassinet


Now this is a grandparent who truly cares. This grandpa built a boat-shaped bassinet for his grandchild, and it’s got everything. Solid, sturdy construction, comfortable padding for the “boat” part of the cradle, and secure suspension ropes for the gentlest of rocking. This baby is living a life of luxury.

This is another awesome example of what we can do with our own to hands and how we can show our loved ones that we care. What an inspired piece of furniture.


Penny Floor Mosaic


While technically still currency, you’re probably not going out of your way to pay for things in pennies these days. But before you look into getting rid of them, consider what kinds of crafts you could do. Penny mosaics are a great way to use up materials you may already have on hand, without having to spend a whole lot of money.

This penny mosaic spans an entire bathroom floor and uses the different shades of each penny to create fun little pictures. Covered with some clear epoxy, that floor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, it’s super cute and creative.


Backyard Tiki Bar


Who needs to go to the bar when you can have a bar at home? This couple built a tiki bar in their backyard that’s absolutely perfect for small get togethers and parties. The tiki torches, wood finishes, lights, and that little hanging plant all give it the ultimate summer vibes, and it’ll undoubtedly get a lot of good use. 

If you want to bring some creativity to your outdoor space, a tiki bar is definitely something worth considering. Or any kind of bar for that matter. You may end up liking being outside more than being inside if you have one of these!


Delivery Box and LED Notifications


Cute, creative, and only a little bit creepy. This family photo is attached to a delivery box on the family’s front porch, which has been set up to light each family members’ eyes when a package is placed inside. No need to wait for the doorbell to ring, or camp out by the front door until your highly anticipated packages arrive. Just take a look at the family portrait. This is certainly a hilarious yet effective method to keep track of incoming parcels.


3D Printed Speakers


A good set of speakers that also look super cool may be hard to come by. This reddit user made a custom pair of speakers shaped like nautilus shells using a 3D printer. Though it’s true that not everyone has a 3D printer laying around, it would definitely make the process a bit more straightforward.

And who’s to say you couldn’t make other kinds of speakers, or anything really, using a 3D printer? You could print out virtually anything, so if you ever think about investing in 3D printing, you’ll definitely have a lot you could do.