A white bedroom with a white and gray bed that has an antique headboard with a French pillow design.

9 Antique Bedroom Design Ideas

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Devin Avery

There are so many different kinds of home design styles out there that it can be a little bit intimidating. A lot of the time, we focus on the modern, or the farmhouse. But we should definitely start paying more attention to antique designs. 

Incorporating antique furniture pieces into contemporary, rustic, or even modern designs is a great way to add character and charm. But it’s also a style that can stand on its own two feet. There really isn’t anything more charming than a beautiful, white, antique room.

And of course, this would be an amazing style for a bedroom. Wooden furniture with intricate designs on them, tasteful floral patterns all about, maybe even a canopy over the bed; there’s no better way to make yourself feel like royalty straight out of a European castle.

Check out these antique bedroom ideas. If you’re as obsessed with these as we are, then you’ll definitely find some great interior design inspiration.


Antique Bedroom With Beautiful Bed Crown Design

There’s something so fresh and clean about this antique bedroom. The wooden furniture feels really classic, while the off-white walls and light linens give it so much contrast. It’s a truly beautiful room where everything works so well.

The most eye-catching part of this room is the bed crown. Like a canopy, a bed crown uses fabric to frame a bed, but just hangs along the wall instead of around the entire bed.

These make for really beautiful, regal, antique decorations. They’re a great design idea if you like the look of a canopy, but don’t want to commit to that whole big piece.


White Antique Bedroom With Gorgeous Ceiling Design

As much as dark woods remind us of antique design, so do white furniture pieces. White antique bedroom designs get all the same charm as dark wood, but with the added bonus of getting to look a little cleaner. White is in and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Probably because of how much you can do with it.

This white bedroom is absolutely beautiful. The intricate tin tile (or tin tile-inspired) ceiling is so reminiscent of some old French palace. This interior design idea may be a bit more difficult to pull off as a DIYer, but it’s still really fun to think about.


Light Peach Antique Bedroom With Floral Designs On The Walls And Ceilings

There’s something so delightfully dainty about this antique bedroom. The light pink and peach colors work so well with the floral designs that are printed all over the walls and the ceiling. Paired with that bed crown, this whole room looks like something out of a dollhouse.

This would be a really cute bedroom idea for a baby or young child. Or, if you happen to be a descendant of European royalty and you really want to live out that fantasy. No judgement here. The room is beautiful either way.


Antique Nursery Bedroom Design

Despite the digital world taking over, dolls are still popular children’s toys. So, why not decorate a nursery to look like the inside of a dollhouse? Your baby may not be old enough to understand why it’s an adorable idea, but you’ll know. And it’s really such an adorable idea.

Old, wooden cribs and frilly lounge chairs are the perfect antique furniture additions to a baby’s room. There’s something about these items that feel really nostalgic. Even if you didn’t have furniture like this as a baby or a small child, it just feels right.


Antique Wooden Furniture Interior Design Idea

An antique bedroom design doesn’t have to have larger than life, lavish pieces. You don’t need to make your room look like it came straight out of a fantasy novel. You can just pick some really nice antique furniture pieces to go in a much simpler room.

The wooden furniture in this room has just the right amount of vintage flair to it, while still feeling like something that belongs in this century. The contrast between the wood on the floors and furniture and the white of the walls and linens is really nice and comforting. It feels like a really bright and airy room. And yet at the same time, it has such a distinctly old-time feel to it.


Beautiful Bedroom Design With Antique Furniture Accents

Here is another room that does a good job at incorporating antique furniture, all while not necessarily being an antique bedroom. It has that beautiful chest and those gorgeous wooden chairs. Yet the rest of the room has a distinct contemporary vibe to it. Especially the molding and the light fixture.

This is a really great room to show how different design styles can work together. You can create a really clean, unique bedroom by mixing and matching styles. This is a really great idea if you want to dip your toes into a certain style but don’t want to fully commit. You can have a bit of antique stuff here and there without having full antique rooms.


Antique Bedroom With Dark, Dramatic Pieces

This room is an instant classic. The dark brown wood, the ever-so-slightly off-white color of the walls and sheets, the sconces, the elaborate wall scroll, the bed crown; literally everything about this room is just too good.

It partially feels like the kind of room where some royal family from centuries ago would’ve slept. But it also feels like the kind of room you could sleep in today. And you absolutely could have a room just like this. It’s just such a wonderful design.


Vintage Green Antique Bedroom With Canopy Design Idea

Even something as unconventional as an antique bedroom can be made even more unconventional with specific design choices. Incorporating a lot of green into the design, for example, is one way to make the room look more unconventional.

The green in this room works for sure. The bedpost and canopy, along with the designs on the walls, make us feel like we’re sitting in a garden, or even a rainforest. The white seat and the dark wood dresser don’t look out of place here. This is such a great way to show how to put a unique spin on something that’s already so unique.


Simple Antique Bedroom Design Idea

This room is both simple and elegant. Sometimes it’s better to go a more simple route, because you can still get a lot of character in there.

There are different variations in tone among the different furniture pieces in this room. And yet, all of them work really well together. The floral design along the green walls really bring this entire room together. This is such a great interior design idea for anyone who loves antique styles, but doesn’t necessarily want to feel like they’re sleeping in a castle.