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We’ve built Makey to be the one place you can trust to tackle everyday home projects. A place to daydream, get inspired, and learn to Make!

Makey is a feeling.

That feeling you get when you are itching to create something with your own two hands and the feeling of excitement, passion and the pride that comes with it.

Makey is a guide.

Think of us as your personal guide for around-the-home repair and decor projects. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to put your own stamp on the place you call home.

It’s time to up-cycle the DIY space

People used to learn how to make, fix, and build just about everything from the people they trusted most; their family, friends, and neighbors. Learning by doing together, each person making slight changes to the process as an expression of who they are. We want making to feel like that again.

We measure twice so you only have to cut once

To ensure that you are getting the best advice on the internet we selected experienced guides who have a history of sharing their craft.

We are DIYers ourselves, and understand the importance of a good tutorial. We’ll help turn your complicated how-to into a simple can-do, and we’ll make sure your creative adventure isn’t dry - unless you are painting!

Are you an experienced DIYer with skills to share?