A Disney-themed bedroom

A Woman Transformed Her Entire Home Into Her Family's Very Own Disney-Inspired Magic Kingdom

Originally contributed by • last updated 3/23/2021


It’s probably a safe bet to say that most people love Disney. It’s probably also a safe bet to say some people love Disney a lot more than others, and that oftentimes results in really cool designs that are based off the company’s plethora of media. Disney movies are so magical and fun, that you can’t blame someone for being absolutely obsessed.

Even if you can’t get enough of Disney’s endless charm, you may not be as obsessed as Kelsey Hermanson, who has turned her house into the ultimate Disney utopia.

Hermanson’s home is decorated both with official licensed Disney items and things she’s transformed to fit the themes of each room. She has rooms based off different Disney movies, like Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. She also has different knickknacks and features from other movies scattered around the home, like plants shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head or Olaf figurines. 

All of the furniture, figurines, knickknacks, and decorative items work really well together in this home. It can be pretty easy to get carried away with a theme and go a little overboard, but Hermanson’s designs are cohesive and make her home look more lived-in, rather than a themed resort. It’s a house that would be a dream come true for any Disney fan.

She also decorates for holidays, featuring items that fit right at home during Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. She definitely has an eye for design, and fuses that with her love for Disney to create spaces that are truly unmatched.

Hermanson posts pictures of her home frequently on her Instagram page, and posts video tours on her TikTok page. You can check both out if you want to marvel at how amazingly she’s put everything together and manages to change it up during each holiday.