IKEA Now Sells New Sustainable Tiny Homes

IKEA Reveals Stunning Design Of Their New Sustainable Tiny Home

Originally contributed by Ali Carroll • last updated 1/15/2021

Remember that place IKEA? That powerhouse brand offering every single DIY invention you could ever imagine? Ultimate sustainability and style on a budget? Well here’s some crazy news - they’ve now come out with their own tiny home!

Teaming together with Vox Creative and Curbed, IKEA has created a space that exemplifies sustainable, affordable, and stylish living. Their stunning tiny home is approximately 187 square feet without skimping on any of the luxuries, proving that comfortable and sustainable living is possible for anyone. 

As part of IKEA’s Tiny Home Project, the trailer was built in March of 2020 as a customized version of the IKEA BOHO XL model from Escape. The tiny home starts at just $47,550 and features solar panels, a composting toilet, and an on-demand heated water supply. 

Much more than just a roof and collection of amenities, the new IKEA tiny home is overflowing with the gorgeous design elements we’ve come to expect from the groundbreaking brand. It showcases stunning whitewashed panels made entirely from sustainably grown pine, as well as kitchen cupboards made from recycled bottle caps. 

Adapting to a global pandemic, IKEA has partnered with Curbed to provide an entirely virtual 3D tour. Showcasing a stunning array of all your favorite IKEA products, hotspots within the tour allow you to click on the products you love to find out where you can buy them yourself. Beyond that, you’ll also find a number of helpful space saving tips for living sustainably on a budget in your own tiny home! 

A tiny home typically includes any dwelling that is smaller than 500 square feet, and is a lifestyle that has grown exponentially as people adapt to this crazy world of skyrocketing mortgage payments, debt, and a consumer driven economy. 

Tiny homes are an incredible way of proving that humans need a lot less than we think we do to be happy. There are many who would say we are actually more happy when living with less, and that consciously choosing to live a sustainable life leads to a greater sense of comfort, connectivity, and compassion.  

Especially now as the world has been hit by a global pandemic, there’s been a huge rise in people searching out a safe way to adapt to isolation and end up finding their solution in a tiny home. What do you think, would you like to live in one? What are your thoughts on tiny homes and sustainable living? Is it for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!