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9 5x8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Zac Gudakov

Everyone has seen them. The small bathrooms that pretty much only have room for a sink or vanity, a toilet, and a combination bath and shower. If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that you have one of your own. They are, after all, pretty common.

Also known as the 5x8 shower (since they’re 5 feet by 8 feet in size), these small bathrooms can be seen as doing the absolute minimum. But they work in pretty much any house because of their size. And really, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Though there isn’t much you can do with the layout of a 5x8 bathroom, there are plenty of ways to decorate them. So if yours is in need of a refresh or remodel, then check out the design ideas in this list.


5x8 Bathroom Remodel With A Full Shower

Just because 5x8 bathrooms typically have bath/shower combos in them doesn’t mean that you have to keep your tub. There are plenty of people out there who never take baths, so having a tub isn’t really that appealing. Getting rid of your tub and making a nice, spacious shower with a bench in it could be a really good idea.

And the way it’s done in this bathroom is really nice. All in all, this space has a modern feel to it, while maintaining a contemporary style. It could be that there’s just a shower in it, though (we always find that bathrooms without bathtubs feel a bit more modern).


5x8 Bathroom With Wood Floors And Full Shower Design

Here is another smaller bathroom that did away with the bathtub. If you really want or need one, they’re great to have around. But if not, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your bathroom decor. This shower makes use of multiple kinds of tiles to create a really unique look.

And the wood (or wood-like laminate) on the floor is really nice. The fact that the shower floor tiles match these boards is a cool touch, too. And with that toilet and vanity, the space is perfect for anyone to use.


Beautiful Blue Bathroom With Pebble Floor Tiles Design

This bathroom has a bit of a different layout, with the toilet and sink on one side and the tub/shower on the other. Though it may not be strictly a 5x8, it’s still worth taking a look at, if only because of its stunning tilework.

The blue subway tiles along the walls are gorgeous. And the fact that the bathroom floor is covered in a pebble-like tile is really something else. It goes to show you how easy it really is to remodel a smaller bathroom. And there are so many great design ideas in this space. 


Gorgeous White 5x8 Bathroom Design

This bathroom is sort of playing tricks on us. With the shower curtain, it looks like there’s a bathtub right at the end. But then it opens up to a stunning shower with white subway tiles and a marble curb. With all of the white and off-white going on in this bathroom, this really looks fantastic.

And the fact that the curb and the floor tiles in the bathroom have a bit of a marble design to them help to give this bathroom a little bit of texture. It keeps everything from feeling like too much of the same. 


5x8 Bathroom Remodel With Subway Tiles On The Walls

Although it seems to be the trend to do away with tubs in 5x8 bathrooms, some will still keep theirs. And there’s really no wrong way to go about remodeling the tub/shower area. It all depends on what you’d prefer to have in your bathroom. 

The bathtub in this bathroom looks really great, especially with the glass shower doors. And we also can’t get enough of the gray subway tiles that cover each wall along the bathtub, and even extend out to the vanity area. It’s a really nice touch in that space.


Contemporary 5x8 Bathroom With Marble Design

Marble floors and countertops look as good in a bathroom as they would in any kitchen. This bathroom takes that simple design and turns it up a notch with all of the other accents in the space. That shower, for instance, with its really cool green striped tile design, looks amazing against all the marble in the room.

This really shows that even a smaller space can look super posh and expensive with the right finishes. Even if you don’t have a super large bathroom to work with, you can still give yourself the spa-like luxury you deserve.


5x8 Bathroom Remodel With Corner Bench Shower Design

Any bathroom remodel that has a shower in it needs some kind of bench. Whether the bench is built into the shower or it’s added in after the fact, it’s going to be a really great spot for shaving or whatever else you’d need a bench in a shower for. And if you don’t have any kind of caddy or cubby hole, then a bench will be your best friend.

And the bench in this bathroom’s shower is so nice. The way it’s angled into the corner like that gives the entire shower enough space, but also allows it to have room of its own. It looks really nice with the wall tiles (and that accent strip), as well as all the other finishes in the bathroom.


5x8 Bathroom With Spacious Shower And Wall-To-Wall Tile Design

The shower in this 5x8 bathroom seems a little more spacious than most. Probably because this remodel didn’t include a full-sized vanity, which is definitely an option for anyone who doesn’t want or need all that space. Or, if you prefer to allocate that space to the shower, then who needs a vanity?

The tiles in this bathroom are incredible. The while subway tile is such a versatile look, and it really pairs well with the gray concrete look inside of the shower. What a beautiful, seamless space that would work for any home. 


Modern 5x8 Bathroom With Seamless Shower Design

This bathroom is amazing. And most of its amazingness definitely comes from that shower. The way it’s only separated from the rest of the space with a glass panel makes the whole thing look so seamless. And the black hardware in the shower that carries on into the white vanity makes everything pop.

We love having matching wall and floor tiles. This effect always has a way of making a bathroom feel cohesive. And when it’s paired with a textured wall like the one in this bathroom, it simply looks stunning.