4 birdhouses lined up in a row on grass.

12 Clever DIY Birdhouses That The Birds Will Fly Home For

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Karmen Atanassov

Birdhouses are somewhat of a backyard staple, and though it’s true that birds don’t really care what your birdhouse looks like, (we all know they’re only in it for the seeds) that doesn’t mean you have to settle for any old house.

Get creative and make a super nice, unique DIY birdhouse that you’ll love just as much as your winged friends!

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out these clever DIY birdhouse ideas:


Crescent Moon Birdhouse

Her Tool Belt

Looking to add a bit of whimsy to your backyard? Look no further; with this mystical crescent moon birdhouse, you’ll be feeding local birds in a super fun way!

All of the surreal curves and clean lines make this novelty home look like it could just as easily be home to a tiny family of elves or fairies!

With the pale blue and orange colors complementing each other so well, this is definitely a birdhouse worth making.


Mushroom Bird Village


Sticking to the surreal fantasy theme, if you like the idea of a birdhouse that looks like it's home to a tiny elf family, how about a whole tiny elf village?

Resembling red and white polka dot mushrooms, each house displays a sense of unity, while holding onto its own unique whimsical charm.

These birdhouse DIYS are so incredibly precious, the birds will be flocking to them in no time.


Bird Treehouse


This beautiful birdhouse was made using pieces of driftwood, assembled in such a way that it looks like an entire miniature tree!

Rather than hang from a tree branch, this birdhouse is free-standing, which isn’t a bad idea if you don’t have any trees large enough to support the weight of an entire bird family.

This DIY is so complex yet beautifully simple, feeling almost like more of an art installation than a traditional birdhouse.


Bird Cabin

Best Nest

This simple birdhouse looks like a real-life cottage you might see walking down any woodsy street!

With so many cute details like a stone chimney, roof shingles, a planter box under the window, and a little birdhouse of its own, this DIY is simply adorable (if a little meta)!


Bird Tower

Morning Chores

This birdhouse is so tall, it has room for multiple birds to perch on it at once! In fact, it would probably be more apt to call it a bird apartment building, or even a bird condominium!

Beyond that, it has such a cool design, with multicolored wood slats and an irregular roof that extends down one side but not the other. Simply due to its size alone, this DIY may be more on the ambitious side, but it’s just so cool!


Locked-Up Birdhouse


This is yet another example of a really cool standing birdhouse idea! With super cool detail along the rooftop, the built-in lock-and-key bird stand draws the eye immediately.

The vintage look of old metal is always a nice addition to an outdoor installation, and on top of that to have the key doubling as the perch? Even better!


Floral Birdhouses


This trio of birdhouses is so clean, quaint, and cute. The painted flowers are so delicate and nice, using different color palettes and designs on each one!

The artistry alone makes this birdhouse DIY a standout, but imagine how beautiful it would look mixed in with your garden! Luckily birds have sharp eyes, so would have no trouble finding the door to their camouflaged flower home.


Spoon Birdhouse

The Owner-Builder Network

License plate collections aren’t unheard of, which means procuring old or unused custom plates can actually be pretty easy!

They can be used for all sorts of different DIY projects, take for example this adorable birdhouse roof!

Though the design is simple, this birdhouse has a lot of charm, proving that you don’t need to go all out to make something neat and eye-catching!

Plus, a spoon for a perch? Amazing.


Stone Mosaic Birdhouse


Another really cute way to build a birdhouse is to use little rocks and pebbles to create a mosaic!

Tumbled stones, seashells, and charms work so nicely with this technique, and they're so easy and inexpensive to get your hands on! A wonderful project that's truly unique, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this fun birdhouse DIY.


All-Natural Birdhouse

My Bright Ideas Blog

If you want a birdhouse that looks as natural as possible, then it may be time to take a page out of nature; use all-natural materials to build one!

This DIY is built using twigs and branches, then decorated with fuzzy green moss. It’ll blend right in with any wooded area thanks to its natural look, plus collecting all of the twigs and branches could be an extra fun bonus project!


Birdhouse Of Corks

Balcony Garden Web

If you want to stray away from the traditional wooden birdhouse design, you’ll definitely want to check this one out; it’s made up entirely of old corks!

This birdhouse is perfect for wine lovers, it finally gives you a place to put all the wine corks you've been collecting!

And depending on what kind of corks you use, each one of these will look completely different!


License Plate Birdhouse

Running With Sisters

Yet another excellent example of how an old license plate makes the perfect birdhouse rooftop, this DIY is so cute!

We love to see old materials upcycled into new designs, and simply can't get over how adorable that pencil perch is!

What do you think of these birdhouse designs? Do you feel inspired to build? Spread your wings and take flight! Send us images of your work in the comments, and let's share some birdy love.