Coconut shattered open into pieces on a light teal table

10 Things You Can Make Out Of Coconut Shells

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Coconuts don’t just taste good, they’re good for you too! But what happens to the shell once it’s all said and done?

If you’ve ever tried to open a coconut yourself, you’ll know that they’re incredibly sturdy and stubborn, truly a tough nut to crack. But that also means those tough exteriors may just be the perfect material for DIYs!

Check out some of the creative ways people have put their shells to use, and next time you crack a coconut open, maybe think twice before throwing it out!


Coconut Teapot


Make yourself a coconut teapot!

Probably a DIY better suited for advanced carvers, these teapots are intricately designed, with time and care put into their formation and assembly.

There are so many different parts to them, with impressive craftsmanship and techniques applied.

This carving serves a function, all while looking incredible.


Hanging Turtle Ornaments

Bloomsbury Market

These little turtle ornaments are adorable decorations to hang around your house any time of year!

They’re such a simple, yet intricate design, completely unique and versatile in any space you hang them!


Coconut Spoons

Ceylon Discover

Of course, if you can make a teapot and ornaments out of coconut shells, then you can probably make all sorts of tableware items as well!

Like everything else on this list, coconut shell spoons are stunning pieces of decor.

Whether you use them as serving spoons, eating utensils, or plain old decoration, handcrafted coconut shell spoons are great to have around the house.


Coconut Zebra Figure


Not everything you carve out of coconuts has to have a function; sometimes it can simply be a piece of art for everyone to enjoy like this zebra figure!

Made using both wood and coconut shells, this DIY is such a cute, fun, and whimsical design, sure to bring any room to life.

It also goes to show just what can be done with recycled coconut shells when you get a little creative!


Coconut Shell Candles


Yes, it’s true. Coconut shell candles are a thing you can buy, or even better, make!

Hand-carved coconut shell bowls are the perfect containers for DIY candles. You can even re-use them once the candle wick has expired, either as another candle DIY or as a handmade bowl to add to your dinnerware collection!




Buttons are generally made of wood, metal, or plastic, so why can't they also be made out of coconut shells?

Think of how many buttons you could get out of a single coconut shell! Not only will they be pretty, but they'll also be economical.

Plus, because of the nature of coconut shells, each button will look slightly different from the rest, meaning that each one will be a unique piece of art to adorn your clothing and accessories.


Coconut Shell Earrings


If you love the look of wooden jewelry, why not try your hand at coconut shell earrings?

Because coconut shells are relatively lightweight, even large earrings won't weigh you down!

They would also make really great gifts for the people in your life that love rocking natural accessories.


Coconut Shell String Lanterns


If you’re still not convinced that coconut shells can make a variety of interesting things, then check out these coconut shell lanterns!

By carving designs into the shell of the coconut, putting a light inside of it will create gorgeous illuminating effects. Hanging together on a rope of connected lights, they'd look amazing in a backyard or garden!


Coconut Shell Soap Dish


If you have a bit of patience like ZanzibarGuy on Reddit did, then you may be able to carve and whittle a pretty leaf-shaped soap dish out of a coconut shell!

Though carving a dish like this may take a good amount of skill and persistence, the final result is surely worth all of the time and effort.

Plus as a soap dish, it's not only functional, it's also a nice piece of unique décor! 


Ramen And Rice Bowl


If you like ramen or other kinds of noodle dishes, then it may be a good idea to have a few ramen bowls on hand!

Since coconuts are already bowl-shaped, they can make surprisingly wonderful bowls. You can even carve in a couple of little holes and grooves to rest chopsticks on if you're feeling fancy!