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10 Fabulous DIY Raised Garden Ideas For Easier Gardening

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There are so many benefits to having a raised garden; they’re easier on your back and knees since you’ll be doing a lot less bending and kneeling, it’s easier to keep weeds and pests at bay, they work really well for drainage, you can plant pretty much anything you'd like in them, and they last for years!

If you’ve always been interested in making a raised garden but didn’t know where to start, check out this great list of ideas!


Rectangular Garden

Jardin et Maison

This raised garden is huge and certainly makes good use of all of that space.

With one long planter surrounding the smaller one, it not only makes for a really cool shape but also offers so much organization potential! You could sort all of your vegetables, herbs, and flowers into clearly marked sections and have no trouble differentiating between them at all!

And because of the elongated shape, it’s super easy to move around without having to travel too much, a true time and space saver.


Garden Archways


Having a trail of square planters attached with trellis archways is one way to make yourself feel regal when walking through your garden.

Depending on how much room you have in your yard, you may even be able to squeeze in more than one, meaning even more of these romantic archways to walk around under!

Planting vines along the arches will give you a lot of shade and variation, turning your garden into the royal grounds of a faraway palace.


White Vertical Planters

Decor And The Dog

The cool thing about a group of planter boxes like this one is that they make for great spots to plant completely different things! You could have one box dedicated to one kind of flower, one dedicated to grass or other non-flowering plants, and one even dedicated to herbs!

A raised planter of this size and shape would probably work best on a patio or deck, or even on a front porch if it were large enough to accommodate something this size! It would be such a great welcoming committee for all of your guests!


Corner Tiered Planter


If you like the idea of having a raised garden but also love having a lot of room in your yard for kids and/or pets to run around in, then you’ll probably like the idea of having a planter in the corner of your yard!

This one is along the fence line, keeping ample space in the middle of the yard free for a grassy lawn.

The different levels in this raised bed are really nifty, resembling a pyramid of sorts at the same time as saving your back the pain of bending over too far! 


Vertical Spice Garden

Lonny Magazine

Like any good raised planter, a vertical garden frees up so much space! Place one next to a wall or fence, and you’ll get the benefit of a full and lush garden while still maintaining all of your yard space!

Vertical gardens make wonderful herb or spice gardens and are great for flowers if you want to give your outside decor a nice pop of color. They can even be used for smaller vegetables or fruits! No bending required, just see a tomato, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck!


Screened-In Garden

The Owner-Builder Network

Even with all of the benefits of a raised garden, they’re still not immune to animals or birds coming in and pilfering all of the vegetables you worked so hard to grow.

The best way to deter pests for good is by screening in your raised garden!

As long as you give yourself a way to open the screen and access all your goodies, your vegetables and plants will still be able to get ample water and sunlight, even while slightly covered up like this!


Garden Enclosure


If you’d rather just build a tall screen wall than a full-on covering, you can totally build a little planter area with an entire cage like this one here!

Because the wire extends up so high, it’ll make it that much harder for animals to scale the walls and break-in, keeping your garden largely pest-free. Plus just look how pretty it looks!


Tiered Garden

Vintage Romance Style

Having a tiered garden is a great way to show off all your pretty plants without any of them stealing the spotlight from the rest!

This tiered garden would be a great place for herbs and spices, sitting nicely in the smaller, square sections on each tier, and looks great lining the side of a house or fence!


Raised Garden Walkway


This raised garden has a lot of different planters, but also intentionally leaves a lot of space for walking around and enjoying the grounds.

With cool trellis archways and symmetrical shapes, these raised garden beds would make for a great place to have social gatherings or afternoon drinks, not to mention all of the different plants you could grow!

The many trellises turn it into such a great place for growing climbing plants and vegetables like squash, peas, and ivy, or even magical vining flowers to complete the fairytale look.


Spiral Planter

Natural Living Ideas

If you’re looking for a raised garden that’s not as conventional but still visually very interesting, you may absolutely love the idea of a spiral raised garden!

This twisting garden bed begins low to the ground and continues to rise in elevation until it reaches the top, offering many unique angles and views of your lovely garden plants.

You definitely won’t be able to find anything quite like this.

So are you sold? Do you love the idea of raised garden beds as much as we do? Or do you prefer your soil to stay where soil should be; in the ground with the rest of the worms?! Let us know your thoughts!